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Treating Headaches in Children

    Most of us think that headaches are just an adult problem, but they are very common in children and teens. The types of headaches in children are same as adults do. Main reason behind the headaches in children is because of an illness, infection, fever, or cold. But other triggers include stress, anxiety, depression, change in sleep patterns, loud noises and some foods.

    Types of Headaches:

    Based on the reasons of their occurrence, headaches are of many types. The severity of headaches can range from mild to severe and affects people in different ways. Some types of headache which are most common include:
    Tension:   These headaches are caused by the contracting of muscles around head and neck. The main cause of this type of headache is stress at school or home, arguments with parents or friends and depression.
    Migraine:   Migraine can make people dizzy. Often, migraine headaches are associated with nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances.
    Psychogenic:   These types of headaches are less common and similar to tension headaches. The main cause is an emotional problem such as depression. Signs of depression include low energy levels, loss of appetite or overeating, difficulty in thinking and concentrating and sleep disorders.

    How Headaches Are Diagnosed In Children & Adolescents:

    It is very important to note the symptoms and characteristics as completely as possible so the headaches can be properly diagnosed and treated successfully. The important points which need to be noted are as follows:
    • → When the headache started and how long it lasted.
    • → How often the headache occurs.
    • → The range of severity (mild to very severe).
    • → Cause of the headache such as certain situations, foods, medications or some physical activities.
    • → Anything that helped it to go away.
    • → Family history.
    • → Where the pain is located.

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    Treatment of Headaches:

    The proper treatment will depend on several factors such as type and frequency of headache, its cause and age of the children. Some of the tips by which a child can get relief from headache are as follows:
    • → Applying a cold compressor to head.
    • → Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast.
    • → Seek rest in cool, quiet and comfortable location.
    • → Avoiding activities which trigger headaches.
    • → Practicing deep breathing exercises.
    The above are the ways which can be tried at home for temporary relief from headaches, but can’t help always if the frequency and severity is high.