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Top 10 relaxation tips for Stress, Tension and Headaches

Tips To Reduce Stress

    Stress and tension seem to be an integral part of life. Wherever you go, they go after you. There is stress and tension at work, at home and in relationships. There is stress and tension due to health problems, and stress and tension brought about by one’s financial situation.

    Sometimes, you can eliminate or change the external cause, and sometimes you cannot. Often, when you cannot change the external cause, you become more stressed. If you can deal with the external cause that’s okay, but what if you cannot?

    Dealing with stress and tension should begin from within you. External causes might be the trigger for them, but in most cases, your attitude and thoughts are the real causes.

    You might not always be able to deal with external condition, but you can certainly teach yourself to change your attitude. With a change of attitude, stress and tension would disappear, irrespective of your external conditions.

    Take two different people, with different mental attitudes, and put them in the same situation.

    If you observe their behavior, you will see two different behavior patters. One might get stressed easily, feels exhausted, and dwells on negative thoughts, while the other person remains calm, relaxed and happy, and at the same time also energetic.

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    10 Tips to Relieve Stress and Release Tension

    1. Pay attention to your body and to your muscles. Are they contracted and tense? Release the tension. Pay special attention to your face and scalp, and if you feel that they are tense, release the tension. If after a few seconds the tension returns, relax them again, until the tension disappears.
    2. When feeling stressed or tense, stand up, with you head and back straight, and take a few deep, slow breaths.
    3. Drinking a cup of water helps too. If you feel stressed or tense before going to sleep at night, a glass of milk, warm or cold can make you feel more relaxed.
    4. Think about the thoughts that are causing you the stress and tension. In many cases, it is possible that you have created a mountain in your mind that does not exist in reality. Thinking positively about the situation can you bring new ideas for solving it, and therefore, eliminate the stress.
    5. If the stress is caused by other people, talk to them about it. Don’t bottle it up. Sometimes, people don’t know what they are causing you, and a little relaxed conversation can do wonders.
    6. Find causes to laugh. Watch a comedy on TV, or read something funny, or listening favorite songs.
    7. Leave everything that you are doing at the moment, and take a walk outside.
    8. Go to swim or to the gym. In fact, if you train yourself regularly, your stress level will become lower.
    9. Take it easy. Don’t pile up tasks, chores and goals. If you plan too many things to do you will probably feel stressed. Make a plan, but focus on one thing at a time.
    10. This tip, though simple, might not be easy to follow, but it is extremely useful.

    How to get rid of headaches instantly? It’s important to know what type of headache you are having and what is causing your pain. By knowing this, you can treat the headache properly with natural methods. Common causes of headaches include stress, tension, restlessness, sinus problems, migraines, lack of sleep and dehydration. Many people reach for over-the-counter medicines to get rid of their headaches. However, you can get instant pain relief using some easy and natural home remedies.

    Different types of headaches

    Tension headache is one of the headaches that can cause a constant ache. It’s felt at the back of the head, neck and at your temples. This type doesn’t cause any nausea or vomiting. It can be treated with simple home remedies.

    Another type of headache is a cluster headache. It’s a recurring type that can cause a severe pain on one side of your head. There’s no cure for cluster headaches but natural treatment options can cut its duration and severity.

    Sinus headache has symptoms similar to a migraine. Patients with this type often treat their condition with medicines that are intended for migraine headache. They’ll be relieved but not for a long time. The pain will come back.

    Rebound headache happens when you overuse your medicines. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and other drugs can lead to a rebound headache. This is one of the reasons it’s best to embrace the natural ways of getting rid of the headache instead of prescription drugs or over-the-counter meds.

    Migraine is a type of headache that affects 9 percent of the people in the India. Patients with this condition often take prescription medicines but they don’t work all the time. For that reason, many of the sufferers shifted to natural treatments by avoiding some foods to get rid of their migraine.

    Foods to Avoid. Certain foods are believed to be responsible for up to 30 percent of all migraines. …

    • Pickled Foods
    • Chinese Food
    • Chocolate
    • Aged Cheese
    • Hot Dogs
    • Onions
    • Diet Soda

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