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Tread Mill Test (TMT) or Stress (TMT) Test

    It determines the effect of physical stress on your heart. Stress test is done to see how well your heart responds when you are made to exercise in a controlled environment. While you are doing exercises on a Treadmill, a physician will continuously monitor ECG, blood pressure and other symptoms. ECG changes detected during stress test can lead to the diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

    Primarily, Stress Test is used to check if your heart receives optimum oxygen and blood circulation when it needs the most.

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    How does it Work?

    During exercise, the heart is exposed to the stress and healthy arteries of the heart dilate than an artery that has a blockage. This uneven dilation causes more blood to be delivered to heart muscle supplied by the normal artery. Whereas blood supplied by the narrow (blocked) artery has reduced blood flow, these causes chest discomfort or shortness of breath and ECG shows abnormalities results.

    TMT Test is Advised:

    • When you experience chest pain, breathlessness during stress time (Eg: Walking, running)
    • If you are a chain smoker
    • If you are over 40 years age
    • You have suffered a heart attack
    • Even if you have no symptoms of heart disease, but have a family history.

    TMT will be advised to assess your heart for exercise tolerance

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