Tips To Minimize Stress during Exams

    The term ‘exam stress’ can be defined as a feeling of anxiety over one’s. Here are some tips to minimize the stress during the exams.

    1. Meditation is an important practice to help slow down the mind, and increase mental clarity.
    2. Physical Activities like Dance, workout at gym, practice yoga, or go for a run. By this in your body the blood flow to the brain is increased and melting away stress from your mind and body.
    3. Practice healthy eating by avoiding foods with heavy quantity of sugar, eat a breakfast that is high in protein, eat green vegetables at lunch and dinner, and drink mint tea throughout the day. It’s better to avoid coffee.
    4. Always stay hydrated and avoid drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine and instead drink a lot of fresh water. Coconut water is good for increased energy and hydration, available at health food stores and some grocery stores.
    5. Get out in nature and enjoy fresh air by going outside and spend some time in nature. Being in nature is a simple and effective way of decreasing stress and increasing your focus which will help you when you start reading again.
    6. Take a 10 to 15 minute break every 60 minutes– the human brain can only take 60 minutes straight of studying before it decreases its ability to absorb new information effectively.
    7. Practice good sleep hygiene –get a good sleep every night, ideally a 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Keep your bedroom cool and dark and make your bedroom primarily for sleeping, if possible.
    8. Study to learn, not for high marks – avoid focusing on the end result, and what grade you need to get on the exam while you are studying. Education is about learning; Put your focus on the experience of learning, and then the pressure to achieve a certain result diminishes.
    9. Avoid Distractions by turning off cell phones, try to limit surfing the web while you are studying and avoid other distractions which may shift your focus from your studies.
    10. Keep your mind focused on what you are studying in that moment, avoid performing multiple tasks or studying multiple subjects at the same time.
    11. Create a study plan – Map out what subject you will study on which day and for how long. 12. Stay positive and confident– watch some inspiring videos and listen to soft music, and practice positive affirmations daily.
    12. Remember to Laugh and Lighten Up – Exams are not life-threatening, yet we treat them like they are. Do the best that you can, and remember to laugh through the whole process!
    The lighter you feel get, the less tension you will get.

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