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Summer Time!! Are you worried about your Kids?

    It’s summer!!! It’s vacation time!! Every kid deserves fun and relaxation. But the longer days, lighter nights and higher temperatures make parents to worry a lot. Whether planning to spend summer at home or exotic location, it’s difficult to make kids stay indoors. Therefore, the parents need to be careful to ensure kid’s safety from the summer heat.

    Indian summers are characterized by intense humidity along with heat, which makes kids to suffer from few health issues. So parents should take adequate precautions to keep their kids safe during summer. Since taking preventive measures always help to stay healthy, it is better to be informed about the most common summer health issues in kids and how to prevent them. Here are top summer health concerns seen in children and tips to prevent them.


    Dehydration is the most common condition seen in kids during summer. Children are so busy in playing and they simply forget to drink water. As children regularly play outdoors in the hot weather during summer, the water in the body is lost in the form of sweat. If the lost fluids are not replaced, the child can suffer from dehydration.

    To prevent dehydration, parents should keep water accessible to kids. It is always better to offer kids with fluids more often instead of waiting for kids to ask. As kids get bored to have water all the time, parents can serve their kids with fruit juices, oral rehydration solution, buttermilk, coconut water which help to restore minerals and salts lost through sweating.


    Diarrhea is a common problem in kids, especially during summer. It is mainly caused by the contamination of food, water and poor hygiene. Though diarrhea doesn’t affect much for older children, it can be life threatening for babies. Children with diarrhea lose most water from their body through frequent vomiting, watery bowel movements. This in turn makes kids more dehydrated. So, restrict your kids for homemade foods and drinks. If you go for a vacation, make sure to offer them hygiene food and bottled water to avoid diarrhea.

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    Prickly Heat:

    During summers, another common health concern seen in people of all ages is prickly heat, also known as heat rash. These heat rashes occur due to excessive sweating which ends up blocking the sweat glands. They usually appear as red tiny raised spots over the body especially on back, abdomen and arms. Kids feel very uncomfortable as heat rash cause itchiness. Prickly heat powders may offer some relief, but it is better to prevent them by keeping kids in a cool environment.

    Fungal Infections:

    Summer is the perfect environment for fungal infections due to excessive sweat. The constant itching and redness makes kids very uncomfortable. As the sweat is the main cause of fungal infections, it is important to maintain a good hygiene and wear clean, dry clothes at all times. Washing hands and feet after playing, changing sweat stained clothes frequently and not sharing the clothes, shoes with others; helps kids to prevent fungal infections.

    Heat Stroke:

    Exposure to higher temperatures for longer times increases the risk of heat stroke in kids. It is a critical situation and requires immediate medical assistance. Symptoms like high body temperature, rapid breathing, dizziness and fatigue indicate heat stroke. The only way to prevent heat stroke in kids is to restrict outdoor sports during 10.00 A.M to 3.00 P.M when sun rays are at highest.