Summer Skin Care Tips

    The scorching heat during summer season can take a toll on the skin and hair making it dull and lifeless or prone to infections, skin tan. Here are few tips to prevent the damage of our skin and hair during summer season.


    • Use an umbrella, wide-brimmed hat or cap or a scarf to cover your face, hair and wear full sleeve clothing while going out in the sun.
    • Adequate and repeated application of sunscreen of spf 30+ over the face, neck, hands and other sun-exposed areas of the body atleast 30 minutes before stepping outdoors. If you are swimming, then keep re-applying as and when it gets washed out.
    • Sunscreen application will help in minimizing sun related diseases, sun related spots and also help in delaying the onset of fine lines and
    • Sunglasses with uv-blocking filters are preferred.
    • Avoid outdoors between 11am to 2 pm which is the period of peak ultraviolet exposure.

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    Adequate Hydration:

    • Drink plenty of water (atleast 8-10 glasses), fruit juices, or consume fruits containing ample water content like watermelon inorder to avoid dehydration as the body fluid is lost through sweat.

    Skin Care

    • Take bath twice a day and wash your face atleast thrice daily with an appropriate cleansing agent depending on your skin type.
    • Do not wear tight fitting clothes.
    • Use a light moisturizer to keep skin hydrated.
    • Use of makeup should be minimal during summer and the makeup has to be removed at the end of the day.
    • Increase the intake of foods or supplements rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E, zinc, selenium inorder to protect the skin from the harmful uv rays of the sun.

    Hair care

    1. Rinse your hair with a suitable shampoo and contitioner atleast thrice a week to prevent dandruff or folliculitis.
    2. Overnight application of hair oil on the scalp has to be avoided as it can aggravate dandruff and also cause pimples on the face.
    3. Hair oil should preferably be applied 30minutes prior to hairwash.
    4. Avoid hairdyes containing Paraphenylene diamine, as it can cause various allergies, pigmentation which are aggravated by sun.