Stay Home 10 days Package

What is Stay Home 10 Days Package?

Through the stay home 10 days package, we provide quality care and support to the patients who are either mildly symptomatic or pre symptomatic of the virus within the confines of the home. As per the ICMR guidelines, suspected and confirmed cases displaying mild symptoms will have the option for home isolation.

Stay Home 10 days Package

Why should you choose the stay at home package?

  • Expert advice and treatment within the confines of your home. Our expert doctors will monitor, assess and treat the symptoms through video consultations on a daily basis.
  • Your vitals such as temperature, pulse, BP and oxygen levels will be recorded and checked everyday in the 15 day period.
  • Our expert dieticians will assess your nutritional needs and develop a food plan to build immunity.
  • Early intervention, diagnosis and treatment will be possible through the package. Reduces the risk of transmission to family members.
  • In these tough times, getting treated at home will make you feel safe and secure.
  • You can beat the loneliness faced in the quarantine centers and hospitals with the stay at home package.
  • Positive effect on mental health. Get treated with your family by your side.

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