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Special Services

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    How We Care for You

    When you travel abroad for medical care, you want everything to go smoothly. Our staff members work as a team to provide seamless service tailored to your personal and cultural expectations.

    Every year, we coordinate the highest quality health care for thousands of patients from more than 15 countries, so we understand and can anticipate your needs. Our staff will be there to assist you during all phases of your care:

    Before Your Care

    ♦  Appointment scheduling
    ♦  Financial information and counseling
    ♦  Accommodation arrangements
    ♦  Transportation

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    During Your Care

    ♦  Personal escort to medical appointments
    ♦  24/7 language interpretation
    ♦  Assistance during inpatient stay and after discharge
    ♦  Care management nurse visit during inpatient stay
    ♦  Equipment and/or home care arrangements (as necessary)
    ♦  Private duty nurse arrangements (as necessary)
    ♦  Follow-up appointment(s) scheduling
    ♦  Financial counseling
    ♦  Concierge services for dining and entertainment
    ♦  Internet access in the room
    ♦  Relaxing, hospitable Executive Lounge

    After Your Care

    ♦  Assistance with medical records
    ♦  Assistance with prescriptions
    ♦  Follow-up with clinical and administrative staff
    ♦  Future appointment scheduling
    ♦  Consolidated final bills

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