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Smart tricks to keep your kids hydrated this summer

    Summer is the time for fun in the hot sun. From school going kids to adults, people of all ages find summer as the perfect time to stay outdoors and make their holidays fun-filled. To make the best of your summer vacation, without getting interrupted with dehydration, sunstroke and other heat related issues, you and your little ones have to stay hydrated all the time.

    During summer, kids are more prone to dehydration than adults; when they spend their most of the time outdoors in the hot weather. So, it is important to offer plenty of water and hydrating foods such as fruits with higher water content, all the daylong to keep them stay ahead of dehydration.

    Most of the moms work really hard to make their children have enough fluids. It is sometimes feel impossible for them to convince the kids to drink enough water. And the important thing to which every mom should always stick to is, to keep kids hydrated only by natural, homemade drinks but not with the flavoured and carbonated soft drinks with higher sugar content.

    And finally, follow these creative, fun filled ways to keep your kids hydrated all summer long.

    Hydrating Snacks

    It doesn’t have to be water all the time to stay hydrated. So, offer kids with water rich foods in their snacks instead of junk food. Many fruits and vegetables are high in water content. Some of the hydrating foods include watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, cantaloupe, star fruit, tomato, broccoli etc. Offer your kids any of these hydrating foods for at least 3 – 4 times a time to keep them hydrated.

    Make water fun

    It is boring to always drink plain water. And this is the main reason why kids reject to have water frequently. If your kids are resistant to have plain water, infuse different flavours into the water without adding excessive calories. For this, you can freeze berries or small pieces of fruits into ice cubes, or infuse water with fresh fruits, herbs or vegetables such as lemon, watermelon, mint, orange, cucumber. This fills both fun and health in plain water.

    Serve them with smoothies

    Whether summer or not, smoothies have been all time favourite for all age groups. And even kids love more to try smoothies of their favourite fruits and flavours. So, make smoothies with your kid’s favourite fruits and serve them. It is advised to avoid sugar and use coconut water instead of plain water while preparing smoothies, which makes them healthier.

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    Cool down with popsicles

    One of the most simplest and fun way to keep your kids hydrated is to offer them popsicles. Whether store bought or homemade, kids won’t refuse a Popsicle. They are one of the healthy treats to offer enough hydration as they are nothing but frozen fruit juice or flavoured water. If you think the popsicles brought out are unhygienic, make popsicles at home by filling the Popsicle moulds with fruit juices or flavoured water and then insert sticks.

    Apart from these, invest to buy cute cups, fancy straws and reusable water bottles with your kid’s favourite comic characters which make your kids even more interested to have water and healthy fluids. So, these are some of the kid-pleasing ways to keep them hydrated and healthy all through the summer.