Skin & Eye Care Tips

  • Take frequent breaks. Look away from the screen to a distant sight.
  • Get up and take a short walk.
  • Stretch your neck by looking up at the ceiling and holding for at least 20 seconds.
  • Adjust your working space so you’re not always looking down at the screen.
  • Look left and right to stretch your neck.
  • Place a mirror by your computer screen so you can see if you’re frowning or squinting.
  • Purchase an anti-glare screen that fits over the computer monitor to cut down on radiation exposure and the glare of blue light.
  • Wear sunscreen every day.
  • Use skin care products with antioxidants in them—they provide natural protection from UV radiation.
  • Maintain a good distance from the monitor and clean it regularly (to remove dust).
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  • Consider applying moisturizer or a hydrating mist periodically through a long day. At the very least, wear a long-lasting moisturizer.

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