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Simple Ways to Reduce Sodium Intake

    Too much salt can raise your blood pressure, which increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. By reducing your salt intake it is possible to reduce your blood pressure and the associated health problems.

    Tips for reducing the amount of salt you eat include:

    • When you are buying food, check the nutrition labels

    • When you are cooking food, you can use herbs, spices, black pepper, chilli or lemon to add flavour to your food instead of salt

    • Taste your food before adding salt See the Nutrition fact sheets label while buying the products for your Healthy eating.

    As a Buyer, we need to make wise choices about the food we eat. This is where food labels come in. It can help you make informed decisions towards choosing good nutrition and health. Knowing how to read food labels also assures you that you are getting more value for your health on the product packs.

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