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Tips To Make your loved ones Quit Smoking

    Do you find it hard to be silent every time when your loved one or a family member smokes?  Well, it is very difficult to watch someone you care about to put their health at risk by smoking. If you feel that you have tried everything to make your loved ones quit smoking or if you are trying to find new ways to ask them to quit, there are many ways to help.

    Everyone including a school going kid knows the risks of smoking and how it affects the health of smokers. Therefore, instead of lecturing, express your concerns and try the following tips to help your loved ones quit smoking amicably.

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    Tips To Make Someone Quit Smoking:

    Given below are some of the most effective and easy to execute strategies to help someone quit smoking:

    • Get the right reason: Goals need great motivation. To motivate your loved one to quit smoking, you need a strong personal reason. The reason might be whether to protect the family from passive smoking or to lower the chances of – diseases and allergies associated with smoking. It is very important to choose the right reason to make them stay away from smoking.
    • Plan for Nicotine – Replacement Therapy: When someone stops smoking, they may experience headaches or mood swings as a result of nicotine withdrawalOffering them nicotine gum, lozenges or patches will improve the chances of success when someone is planning to quit smoking. Along with this, get them Nicotine – replacement therapy. This will curb the nicotine cravings.
    • Avoid other triggers: If your loved one is an alcoholic, it is even more difficult for them to stick to their no-smoking goal. So, ask them to limit alcohol. In a similar way, if they often smoke while drinking coffee, cultivate a habit to have tea instead of coffee. If they smoke after meals, find an alternative activity like going for a walk or chewing gum. 
    • Clean the house: When your loved one has smoked their last cigarette, toss all the cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters from the house and car. Wash any clothes that could smell like smoke and clean the carpets to avoid reminding them of smoking. Use air fresheners to get rid of the familiar and habituated smoke smell. 
    • Help to relax: The single most common reason for smoking is that nicotine helps them relax. To tackle this, find new ways to unwind. Offer them a variety of options such as exercise, listening to their favorite music, connecting with their friends. Take care of them to avoid stressful situations during the first few weeks after they stop smoking as stress can make them think about smoking again. 
    • Make them active: An active lifestyle can curb the nicotine cravings and help your loved one to ease the symptoms seen after they stop smoking. Even mild exercises such as walking with your dog or gardening can burn calories and reduce the risk of weight gain as people quit smoking. 
    • Offer fruits & veggies: Dieting may not be a good idea while in the process of quitting smoking as too much distress can easily backfire. Instead of a diet, ask them to have more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein which can lower the calorie intake and keep them healthy.