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Regular Intake of Cinnamon can Lower your Blood Sugar

    A cure may not exist for diabetes especially type 2 diabetes. It remains a challenge for many people who are in search to provide effective treatment for Diabetes. This challenge combined with an increasing interest in complementary and herbal medicine that has led to search for natural treatment that has significant effects on diabetes.

    Diabetes is a disease characterized by abnormally high blood sugar. If poorly controlled, it can lead to complications like heart disease, kidney disease and nerve damage. Treatment often includes medications and insulin injections, but many people are also interested in foods that can help lower blood sugar.

    Taking cinnamon supplement can lower your blood sugar levels. It reduces blood sugar levels by decreasing insulin resistance. They  interact with diabetes medications, as well as antibiotics; however, this does not work efficiently in people who suffers with type 2 diabetes.

    People with diabetes should often observe their sugar levels and watch for signs of low blood glucose (hypoglycemia). Signs of hypoglycemia include weakness, fatigue and headaches. People with hypoglycemia may also experience irritability, anxiety, nervousness and a lack of coordination.

    For More Information

    Benefits of consuming cinnamon includes:

    • Improved blood glucose
    • Improved insulin sensitivity
    • Decreased oxidative stress
    • Improved blood lipids (cholesterol)

    Does cinnamon lower blood sugar ?

    Polyphenols are a type of compound found in many plants and it’s the polyphenols found in cinnamon that have been proposed to help the insulin receptors in beta cells respond more efficiently, enhance insulin signaling, and improve glucose transport and glycogen storage. Cinnamon also seems to directly target insulin resistance.

    Is Cinnamon Safe for People With Diabetes?

    Unless you have liver problem, it should be ok for you to take Cinnamon. If you have liver problems be careful because intake of cinnamon on large amounts make them worse. If you are taking cinnamon supplements, consult with your doctor first.