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Protect Child from Asthma

    Does your kid make a whistling or wheezy sound while breathing? Or do you notice any difficulty when your kid breathes? Then he might suffer from asthma. Shortness of breath and a whistling sound while breathing are the main symptoms that indicate asthma. Though these are the common symptoms, not all the child have the same signs of asthma. So to protect kids from asthma, every parent should keep track of the possible signs in children that might indicate asthma.

    What is asthma?

    Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways; the breathing tubes which carry air to and from the lungs. The swollen airways lead to airway hyper reactivity, which causes them to narrow in response to allergens, cold air, and exercise.

    Symptoms of asthma in children:

    Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children. It can begin at an early age, but most children have their first symptoms by the age of 5. Children with asthma exhibit the symptoms like:
    • → Cough
    • → Wheezing
    • → Shortness of breath
    • → Feeling pain or tightness in the chest

    Talk to an expert now:

    What triggers asthma in children?

    Though the cause of asthma is unknown, the combination of environmental factors and genetics might make children suffer from asthma. Certain events may trigger asthma and worsen the symptoms in children. They include:
    • → Respiratory infections
    • → Allergy causing agents such as dust, pollen, pet dander (skin particles like dandruff, fur of the pets)
    • → Exposure to second-hand smoke
    • → Extreme changes in the climate
    • → Strong emotional reactions such as laughing or crying.

    Will children outgrow of asthma?

    If a person’s airways are sensitive, they remain the same way for the rest of the life. But most of the children experience a noticeable decrease in the symptoms of asthma by the time they become adolescents. Therefore there are chances of children to outgrow of asthma. To help the kids who haven’t get free from the symptoms of asthma, the only way is to make an action plan which helps them to manage the symptoms. They include:
    • → Making a list of common asthma triggers and avoiding them.
    • → Monitoring the asthma attacks like time, duration, and circumstances.
    • → Responses to the treatments and medications.
    • → Side effects of prescribed medicines if any.
    • → Changes in the activity levels or sleep patterns of the child.
    • → Teaching hygiene habits to the child to avoid infections.
    Parents who notice any symptoms of asthma in their kids should get medical assistance as early as possible to avoid the condition to become worse. This may help kids to outgrow of asthma over time.