Republic Health Checkup Package

8,500 1,950

Medicover Republic Health Checkup offers 13 Investigations that includes tests like blood pressure, ECG for heart, Liver function test, Fasting blood sugar, X-Ray for Chest and all major functionalities of the body.

Available at Kurnool




  1. Complete Blood Picture
  2. Complete Urine Examination
  3. Blood Urea
  4. Fasting Blood Sugar
  5. Lipid Profile
  6. LFT – Liver Function Test
  7. X-ray chest (Without film )
  8. ECG
  9. 2D Echo with Doppler
  10. HBA1C
  11. Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis
  12. TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  13. PLBS
Doctor Consultations

Doctor Consultations:

  1. Physician Consultation
  2. Cardiology Consultation
  3. Dietitian Consultation


  • Note: Valid till 29/2/2020
  • Maintain a minimum 12-hour fasting period before undergoing any check up.
  • Avoid having tea/coffee before the tests. You may sip some water.
  • Do not apply cream, oil, powder etc. on your chest on the day of the checkup.
  • Inform the team of your medical history, pregnancy / suspected pregnancy ( if any), prior to the health checkup.
  • Please carry all your past medical records, if any.
  • * Terms and conditions apply.

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