Vasectomy Advantages and Risks

Vasectomy advantages and risks


Vasectomy is a harmless and successful birth control method for males who are determined that they don't want any biological children in the future.

  • Vasectomy is an effective operation to prevent pregnancy.
  • Vasectomy is an outpatient surgery with significantly fewer complications or any side effects.
  • The cost of a vasectomy is less than the cost of tubal ligation (female sterilization) or the combined cost of long-term birth control pills for women.
  • There is no need to worry about taking any safety precautions before sex, such as using a condom.

Vasectomy Risks & Complications

The main concern with vasectomy is that many people change their minds about having a biological child in the future. Although it can be possible to reverse the vasectomy, there's no assurance it will be helpful. Reversal surgery is more complicated than vasectomy, and it can be costly and ineffective in a few cases.
If a person has chronic testicular pain or testicular disease, he is not eligible for a vasectomy operation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Vasectomy is a permanent procedure, but reversal depends upon many factors, such as the condition of the vas deferens, fluid samples, and the time gap since the vasectomy procedure was done. It is also costly.

There are two types of vasectomy surgical procedures

  • A conventional vasectomy with a scalpel
  • A no-scalpel vasectomy
A no-scalp procedure involves less bleeding, discomfort, and recovery time. It is better than conventional vasectomies.

The approximate cost of vasectomy surgery in India is generally between Rs. 85,102 to Rs. 1,04,740.

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