Cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery vs plastic surgery

The field of plastic surgery can be categorised into two; namely, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Both are subspecialties of plastic surgery. Let's understand the difference between the two.

Cosmetic surgery Plastic surgery
A cosmetic surgery is performed to beautify or improve the existing physique of a patient. A plastic surgery is performed to reconstruct a patient’s dysfunctional areas of the body.
Improving the patient’s looks, appeal, symmetry and proportion of the face or body are the key goals. Performed to correct facial and body defects due to birth disorders, accidents, burns and diseases.
Cosmetic surgeries are performed on the head, neck and body. Cosmetic surgeries are elective. Plastic surgeries are also performed in the head, neck and body. They can be mandatory in some cases.
Cosmetic surgery is rarely covered under a health insurance plan. Most of the plastic surgeries involve reconstruction to restore function of the body part, it is often covered by health insurance.

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