The procedure of liposuction requires pre-operative preparations and post-operative care. Know the details of the procedure here.

Before the procedure

Plastic surgeons will ensure the stability of the medical condition of the patient before the surgery. The medical history is taken and physical examination is done by the doctor and a few blood tests are advised. In some cases an ECG and urine tests are also suggested. Patients are recommended to avoid certain medications (blood thinners, NSAIDs) before the surgery. The doctor may also prescribe a new diet plan and few medications.

During the procedure

  • The surgery is performed under anesthesia. Small incisions are made to access the fat.
  • A suction device is then inserted through the incisions and the fat between the muscles and the skin is removed.
  • Suction devices vary, depending upon the type of technique being used. In the traditional form of liposuction, a small tube called a cannula is inserted through the incisions.
  • The cannula is attached to a suction pump, which draws out the excess fat. In more advanced techniques of liposuction, either a fluid-like substance is injected or ultrasonic waves or lasers are used to break and remove the fat.

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After the procedure

The patient can go back to normal routine in a week. Drink an adequate amount of fluids after the surgery. However, the doctor may ask the patient to avoid strenuous activities for some time.

Precautions after the surgery

Liposuction surgery requires a few precautions to be taken to allow fast recovery and avoid any post-surgial complication.

  • Avoid staying stationary, but do not engage in any vigorous exercise.
  • Avoid taking blood thinners or take doctor’s suggestion.
  • Avoid spending a long time in the bath after liposuction.
  • Always stay hydrated
  • Wear compression garments as often as possible to reduce swelling and allow speedy recovery.
  • Follow up with your doctor as suggested

Frequently Asked Questions:

Scars are minimal or unnoticeable because the modern cannula (microcannula) is a very small device.

There is possibility of scarring, swelling and infection.

The results cannot be obtained until the swelling goes down. However, post 4 weeks, the inflammation settles and you can begin to see the difference.

Since liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, it is generally not covered by health insurance.

Compression garments are specially designed to reduce bleeding immediately after any surgery and to reduce swelling which allows speedy recovery.

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