How chemotherapy is done?

How chemotherapy is done?

Chemotherapy requires some preparation in advance so that it can be tolerated well by the patients and bring the best results for them.

Preparation for chemotherapy

Before proceeding with chemotherapy, the patient would be advised to take some precautions and follow specific procedures. They are -

  • The patient will have to undergo a few tests to check their general health. The tests include -
    • Blood tests
    • X-rays of the body part where cancer is present.
    • Measuring weight and height to calculate the correct dose of drugs.

    • 1. A catheter or other device is surgically inserted into a large vein, generally in the patient's chest, during intravenous chemotherapy. The device is used to give chemotherapy medication.
    • 2. The oncologist's doctor may suggest a dental check-up for signs of any infection. Treating existing illnesses or disorders may reduce the risk of chemotherapy complications since chemotherapy may decrease the body's immunity.
    • 3.Talk to the oncologist's doctor about the chemotherapy side effects and what precautions are necessary.

    How are chemo medications administered?

    • Intravenous chemotherapy - Chemotherapy drugs are generally given as an intravenous infusion (intravenously). The medicines can be administered by inserting a tube with a needle inside a vein in the arm or into a device connected to the vein placed in the chest.
    • Injection: -The chemotherapy medicine is administered as a shot into -
    • Injection below the skin - subcutaneous chemotherapy
    • Injections in the muscle: - Intramuscular chemotherapy
    • injections in the spine
    • Topically:-The chemotherapy drugs are available as a cream or gels rubbed onto the patient's skin to cure cancer.
    • Orally:-Chemotherapy can be given as capsules, pills, or liquids to swallow. This is called "oral chemotherapy.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Some patients feel the effects of chemo on that day itself, but it can take a few weeks.

    It is done as an outpatient or day-care procedure.

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