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How probiotics help kids to stay healthy?

    Do your kids often suffer from tummy aches or digestive issues? Have you ever thought to give them probiotics for better digestion? Well, if you haven’t thought about probiotics earlier, you will be glad if you come to know what they are and how they benefit our health in many ways.

    What are probiotics?

    Probiotics are the bacteria or live microorganisms that are good for health, especially to our digestive system. They are either the same as or similar to the bacteria that we already have in our body. Probiotics help to stimulate the natural enzymes and processes that make our digestive system function properly.

    What is the need for probiotics?

    Our intestines have a greater number of bacteria, especially in the lower digestive tract. But not all bacteria in our body are good. When the bad bacteria are increased than the good ones, because of our unhealthy diet; it would affect our health. This imbalance affects the proper functioning of our body and can lead to many health problems.

    When the good bacteria are lost because of the unhealthy diet we eat or by over usage of antibiotics, taking probiotics can restore the good bacteria and balances the good and bad bacteria. This can keep our body working as it should.

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    How probiotics make kids healthy?

    Health comes from what we eat. Children can be picky or non-stop eaters; this habit imbalances the good and bad bacteria in their digestive system and leads to tummy troubles. And probiotics can help in a great way for digestive issues and benefit health in many ways. Here’s how probiotics are beneficial for children in various ways:

    Strengthens Immunity:

    Including probiotics regularly in child’s diet makes the digestive tract healthier and stronger. Hence the healthy digestive system allows the body to absorb vitamins and minerals from the diet. As a result, the absorbed nutrients are utilized by the body and improve the immunity and prevent illness.


    Diarrhea is often caused due to intestinal infection. Offering probiotics when affected by diarrhea can suppress the germs causing diarrhea and helps the body fight against them. Probiotics can treat diarrhea in a short span of time mostly within one day after consumption. Probiotics containing lactic acid bacteria mostly found in natural yogurt and other dairy products treats diarrhea.

    Improved Brain Functioning:

    Probiotics treat depression, anxiety and other brain disorders in children. This helps the brain to function properly. Consumption of probiotics on a regular basis improves brain functioning.

    Healthy Skin:

    Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis can hamper children’s life. Regular intake of probiotics minimizes the risk of eczema in kids and helps to recover from such skin ailments.

    Intestinal problems:

    Intestinal inflammation often causes gassiness and colic. Probiotics balance the bacteria in the intestinal track and reduce the inflammation. They also keep children protected from the other intestinal problems such as abdominal pain, cramping, bloating and constipation.

                     Yogurt is the best natural source of probiotics that is easily available. Including homemade yogurt in children’s diet can offer them enough probiotics which improve their digestion and overall health. If your kid is one who is lactose intolerant or doesn’t find yogurt interesting; get a probiotic supplement on doctor’s advice.

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