Child Health Check up Package in Zaheerabad

A child health checkup package is a set of medical examinations and tests conducted on children to monitor their physical, mental, and emotional health. These checkups are crucial for the early detection and prevention of illnesses and for ensuring that children meet their developmental milestones. These packages typically include a series of doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, and screening procedures tailored to the child's age and health needs. The child Health Checkup Package consists of blood, urine, and imaging tests that may also be included to screen for any underlying health conditions.

Depending on the child's age, additional tests, such as hearing and vision screenings, may also be recommended. Regular child health checkups are essential for maintaining the health and well-being of children. These packages give parents peace of mind, knowing that their child's health is being monitored closely and potential health issues can be identified and treated early on. By investing in these packages, parents can ensure their child receives the best care and support for their growth and development.

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Offer Price : 600 INR

Package Details

This package comprises 4 Investigations + 2 Specialist Consultation. For more details, view the package details here.


  • CBP (Complete Blood Picture)
  • CUE (Complete Urine Examination)
  • Blood Grouping and RH
  • Serum Calcium


  • Pediatrician Consultation
  • Dental Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of a Child Health Checkup Package?

A Child Health Checkup Package provides an opportunity to detect and treat health problems early, prevent future health complications, and monitor your child's growth and development.

2. How long does a Child Health Checkup Package take?

The duration of a Child Health Checkup Package varies depending on the tests included. Typically, a checkup can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

3. What is the cost of a Child Health Checkup Package at Medicover Hospitals in Zaheerabad?

The Child Health Checkup Package at Medicover Hospitals in Zaheerabad costs INR 600/- approximately.

4. How often should a child undergo a Child Health Checkup Package?

The frequency of the Child Health Checkup Package may vary depending on the child's age and health status. Yet, the kids should get health checkups at least once every year.

5. Which doctor consultations are included in Child Health Checkup Package (Zaheerabad)?

Child Health Checkup Package in Zaheerabad has the following doctor consultations:

  • Pediatrician Consultation
  • Dental Consultation