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Comprehensive Health Checkups

    It’s time to take greater responsibility for your health

    The old thinking that treatment should begin with onset of disease is fast being replaced by greater awareness about adopting new and innovative methods to prevent the disease from occurring. Prevention of a disease or health condition is potentially made possible by early diagnostics enabled by quality health checkup package offered by leading healthcare providers.

    By availing personalized health checkups, the old and the young can prevent disease to occur and progress to dangerous proportions. It is always better and smarter on our part to avail regular health checkups to understand our health condition.

    Medicover Group of Hospitals offers highest quality, customized and comprehensive health checkups. Through our health checkups, we help you to identify the health problem before it starts or becomes a larger problem. When a disease is identified at the start, there are definitely greater chances to avail the right treatment to live a longer and healthier life.

    Medicover Hospitals’ health checkups are highly focused on identifying diseases and conditions at any stage of development. Depending on your age and your family history of diseases and illnesses, you can opt for the best and matching health checkup package. There is an accepted belief that only those who are over 40 should have a health checkup.

    We consider that all people who are healthy as well as individuals with prolonged illness or disease should avail the right health checkup periodically on advice of the doctor.

    Our Health Checkups in-brief


    This health checkup package is for everyone who like to know about their body’s general health condition. This health checkup profiles the condition of blood, urine and chest. Any changes in the blood sugar and cholesterol levels are checked and reported. Dietician and Physician consultations follow.


    This is the basic health checkup for women of all age groups. It reports on the general health condition of women by verifying the blood glucose and thyroid levels. The possibility of common gynaec disorders in women are verified through pap smear test. Gynaecologist and Dietician consultation follows.


    This checkup helps to know the condition and working of your heart. Routine tests covered in this checkup include, ECG, CBP, X-ray and Treadmill Test (TMT). Cardiologist and Dietitian consultation are also included.


    The focus of Master Health checkup is on understanding the general condition of the body, and working of different organs of the body. Blood, urine, and stool examinations are done to identify possible conditions and diseases. Mammo Sonography and Pap Smear help to know about women’s health. If X-ray helps to know the condition of lungs, prostate check helps to know the condition of prostate in males. Tests are followed by physician consultation, cardiologist consultation, dietitian consultation and gynaecology consultation.


    This is an advanced heart checkup that includes CT Angiogram (128-Slice CT Scanner). Vitamin D3 (25 OH) check and the other regular heart checks are also done. Consultations by Cardiologist and Dietitian are also included.


    The focus of this checkup is on the health of the entire body and individual parts. The tests cover skin, bones, heart, arteries & veins, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, nerves, dental and ENT. Detailed consultation is provided by cardiologist, dentist, dermatologist, dietitian, neurophysician, orthopaedician, physician, physiotherapist, pulmonologist and gynaecologist.


    This is a basic package to determine sugar levels in the body. This checkup includes Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), Post Lunch Blood Sugar (FLBS), HBA1c and diabetologist consultation.


    This screening package focuses on testing the health of kidneys. It includes serum creatinine, ultrasound (USG), CUE, RBS, micro albumin and ECG. Nephrologist consultation is part of the screening package.


    The general dental health of the individual is checked. This package includes Single X-Ray (IOPA), Tooth Coloured Fillings and Dentist Consultation.


    Significantly, this package includes CT Brain that helps to stage migraine condition. CBP, TSH and Neurologist consultation are also included in this package.


    This health checkup helps to know your gastrointestinal health. Prominent tests included are, USG Abdomen whole and UGI Endoscopy. CBP, ESR, LFT, Serum Amylase, Serum Lipase, Viral Screening and Gastroenterologist’s consultation are also included in this package.

    Prior appointment is essential for all health checkups. You may take an appointment in person or over the phone.You may also book your appointment online.

    Guidelines for Health Checkups:

    • Prior appointment is essential. You may take an appointment in person or over the phone.
    • Please report at the Wellness Desk on Ground floor by the time scheduled during appointment.
    • For Fasting Blood Sugar & Lipid Profile tests a 12 hours fasting (Plain water is permitted), and abstinence from oil, meat and alcohol for dinner in the evening before is essential.
    • After dinner and till blood sample is given intake of only water is permitted
    • For Spirometry / Pulmonary Function test intake of inhalers needs to be avoided for 24 hours, hence candidate should consult their prescribing physician.
    • Avoid exercise in the morning on day of health check up
    • Please bring morning sample of your urine and stool in a small sterile plastic containers available at our Health Check reception
    • You are requested to clean the wax from ears if you are choosing package which includes audiometry
    • Please bring along your current medications strips, if any and your past medical records. If you are on regular medication, please continue to take it as before
    • Additional tests/ consultations / procedures if requested or resulting from the health check up will be billed separately
    • Company sponsored clients are requested to bring their referral / authorization letter and Employee ID
    • Pap smear & Urine test cannot be carried out for ladies during their menstrual period
    • Please wear minimum jewelry, comfortable attire and footwear on the day of health check
    • Please inform us if you are pregnant before going for X-ray
    • Gentlemen are requested to come with a clean shaven chest for the 2D Echo & ECG
    • Please wear a comfortable dress for Stress Test
    • Do inform us in case of cancellation or postponement as the slot may be used by another Person
    • If you are registered with our hospital please bring any old bills or MR card
    • There will be optimal waiting time for each tests as per your selected package

    Disclaimer: The health checks listed may not be available in all Medicover Group’ Hospitals and packages can vary. For location specific health check packages, please log on to https://www.medicoverhospitals.in

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