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Physical Exercise Benefits

    It’s a good tip for a brain and heart health – which can add years to your life, keep your bones healthy, help you lose weight, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, improve your sleep and boost your mood.


    In addition to improved heart health, regular endurance exercise, like swimming, running can also foster new brain cell growth preserve existing brain cells.

    Aerobic Exercise for at least:

    • 5 days a week
    • 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity (moderate intensity means you can talk but not sing while exercising)
    • Aim for your target heart rate (Walk, hike, swim, dance, or just move)

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    Strength training isn’t just for body builders. Lifting weights not only builds muscle and strengthens bone; it can enhance concentration, boost brain power, increase decision-making skills and improve mood.

    Build your strength:

    • 2 times per week
    • Exercise all major muscle groups with a 2 days’ rest in between lunges, triceps press down, squats, bicep curls, planks, shoulder press etc.
    • 1 set per muscle group, with 8 – 12 repetitions per set.


    Your flexibility can gradually decline with age. Good flexibility means reduced risk of injury, more energy and improved posture. Stretching and yoga help you stay more flexible.

    Improve your flexibility:

    • 3-5 times per week
    • 10 minutes each session
    • Hold each stretch 30 to 90 seconds
    • Stretch muscles through a full range of motion