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Difference between Normal Delivery and Cesarean

    Normal Delivery

    A Normal Delivery is the most natural birthing process. It is a preferred choice of most expectant moms. Once you give birth the vaginal way, your hospital stay is much shorter. The recovery time after a Normal Delivery is lesser than that after a cesarean delivery. It is also not very surgically invasive. The chances of developing the complications at the time of childbirth are lesser. Mothers who opt for a vaginal birth have a lower mortality risk. Consult Gynaecologist to get second opinion.

    Normal Delivery has many benefits for the baby too. Baby and the body will start to prepare and progress naturally for Normal Delivery. As the baby passes through the vaginal opening, all the amniotic fluid in the baby’s lungs will expel naturally. During the vaginal birth, baby will get ingest some of the protective bacteria that will colonize in his intestines. These will boost his immune system.

    However, there are certain cons to Normal Delivery too. In a Normal Delivery, the entire process depends on your body’s readiness and timing. Therefore, there is no way to schedule the birth as such. As you near your labor time, you may suffer from anxiety and stress. In some cases, Normal Delivery may increase your risk of incontinence. A Normal Delivery may cause sexual problems post-delivery. During this type of birth, the risk of birth trauma for the baby also increases as the baby has to pass through the birth canal and may need the help of forceps.

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    Cesarean Birth

    In a cesarean birth, childbirth will be happened with the help of an incision made through the abdominal wall and uterus. Nowadays, it is getting popular choice of birthing in recent times

    A c-section is a planned surgical procedure of childbirth. Therefore, you exactly know when your little one will arrive in the world. It can plan accordingly and prepare it by ourself mentally for the birth. It will help reduce your stress and anxiety. When you plan for a cesarean birth, might less likely to be suffer from incontinence than in the case of a vaginal birth. In addition, the risk of suffering from sexual problems after the birth is lower. Baby has lesser chances that suffering from any of birth trauma, as the use of forceps is minimal

    As with any surgery, a cesarean surgery too has its cons. In this case, cesarean delivery will be pre-planned. It means that the baby may not naturally be ready and mature to come out of the womb. As cesarean delivery is a surgical process, it leads to get alot of blood loss. The use of anesthesia increases the threat of developing complications. Also need to be susceptible for various infections and blood clots too. In this cesarean delivery mortality rate will be higher for the mother. It has twice the mortality rate for the infants.

    Post-surgery, you might suffer with some of the complications like decreased bowel function and it may need to stay longer in the hospital for recovery. It can also be leads to the complications related to breastfeeding. It also increases the chances of suffering from post-natal depression.

    The process of birth is an entirely personal choice because they need to discuss and decide with the partner. Speak to the doctor about what will suit you the best. As every pregnancy is unique, your doctor will evaluate your overall health and the way your pregnancy is progressing before advising you on the method of childbirth.

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