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Master Health Checkup Package

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Health Check-Up Plans for a Healthier Tomorrow!
Offering a wide range of health checkup packages designed by Expert


Don’t wait until you see a symptom, get a health check-up done today!

Health Checkup Package Details:
Investigations Included:
• Blood Grouping & Rh Typing
• CBP (Complete Blood Picture)
• FBS and PLBS
• Lipid Profile
• LFT (Liver Function Test)
• Serum Electrolytes
• Serum Uric Acid
• Serum Calcium
• Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
• Serum Creatinine
• 2D Echo with colour Doppler
• TMT (Treadmill Test)
• Ultrasound Abdomen
• X-ray chest PA view
Consultations Included:
• Physician Consultation
• Cardiologist Consultation

Guide Lines:

– Maintain a minimum 12-hour fasting period before undergoing any check up.
– Avoid having tea/coffee before the tests. You may sip some water.
– Do not apply cream, oil, powder etc. on your chest on the day of the checkup.
– Inform the team of your medical history, pregnancy / suspected pregnancy ( if any), prior to the health checkup.
– Please carry all your past medical records, if any.
– * Terms and conditions apply.


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