Launch of Asia's First Truebeam Identify System & Telangana's First SGRT by Honbl Minister of Health & Finance, Govt of Telanga Sir. T.Harish Rao Garu

7th November, 2022 | Medicover Hospitals | Telangana
Launch of Asia

Recognized as Europe's largest healthcare provider, Sweden-based Medicover has now opened a cancer institute in Telangana state with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced doctors, and access to new technology.Managing Director & Director of Surgical Oncology, Medicover Cancer Institute, Dr. Srinivas Juluri, Executive Director, Medicover Hospitals India, Harikrishna, and Radiation Oncology-HOD, Dr. Vinod Maddireddy participated in this program.

Minister Mr.Harish Rao said that the state government is working hard to improve health facilities in the state. He said that we hope that better medical services will be accessible to the people by starting a Cancer Institute, an internationally renowned organization like Medicover. It is hoped that the Medicover Cancer Institute will provide better health services to the people of the state by combining Indian healthcare expertise with European standards. Better Medical Equipment in South India - We are happy to launch a center with first TRU - BEAM Radiation Machine in South India and first GEN 2 DISCOVERY IQ 4D PET- CT Scan and SGRT - Surface Guided Radiotherapy machine in Asia.

On this occasion, Dr. Srinivas Juluri said that many people are affected by cancer in the current lifestyle. Every family should undergo body screening at least once a year so that we can detect them at the first stage and treat them and save their lives. Its Cancer Institute was established with the ambition to provide cancer treatment services with quality and state-of-the-art minimal radiation equipment and technology in South India, accessible to the public.

Dr. Vinod Maddireddy - HOD - Radiation Oncology said that the hospital has the first TRU - BEAM radiation machine in South India and the first GEN 2 DISCOVERY IQ 4D PET- CT scan and SGRT machine in Asia at Medicover Cancer Institute. How its cancer machines work is the GEN 2 DISCOVERY IQ 4D PET- CT scan which detects cancer with low radiation precision and SGRT - Surface Guided Radiotherapy is an external beam radiation therapy that uses three-dimensional camera technology to precisely target and kill cancer cells. technique.During treatment, the surface of your body is tracked in real time and the location of your tumor is monitored to ensure that it is precisely targeted. If your body moves out of the ideal position, SGRT treatment automatically pauses and protects your healthy tissues from radiation. SGRT is used to treat cancers adjacent to vital organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and eyes). He said that it does not harm the adjacent organs.

Surgical Oncologist Prathapavarma, Ashwin, Radiation Oncologist Dr. Babayya, Dr. Reshma, Dr. Srilahari, Medical Oncologist Dr. Sadvik Raghuram, Dr. Sarath Chandra Goteti, Dr. Harshavardhan, Clinical Hematology Stitha Pragya and other medical staff participated in this program.