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New Year Resolution


    A new year is a time to think about what we want to change in our lives.
    2020 was a year like no other, a year when many of us have suffered setbacks in different areas of our lives; many of us have lost our loved ones to Covid-19 and many have recovered and got a new lease of life and where health will be the biggest priority globally.

    It’s time to welcome 2021 and say goodbye to 2020
    The start of a New Year always brings excitement and hopeful motivation for change and it’s important to reframe the way we think about New Year’s resolutions in the context of a pandemic. Making lasting lifestyle changes takes commitment and it’s possible to make healthy, attainable goals for the year ahead.

    So, are you ready to maintain new healthy-lifestyle habits but not sure how to start? Here are some resolution ideas for you to choose from.

    • Track your daily activities
    • Start eating healthier food
    • Stop procrastinating
    • Improve your concentration and mental skills
    • Reduce stress
    • Get more quality sleep
    • Give up to cigarettes
    • Prioritize your mental health
    So having realistic, healthy expectations can be a really good way to move forward in a very successful and happy life.

    Tricks to how to make a resolution!
    Choose 2 simple resolutions that are easy to follow. As it’s our first month of the new year, keeping it simple helps us to be consistent and gives us double energy to go for the next month.
    Add one simple and one difficult resolution to the next month, But don’t forget to follow the first 2 things that you made as a habit.

    1. Don’t Forgot, leaving things in the middle that can make u regret later and starting again is really painful! Isn’t It?
    2. Being Consistent and following a disciplined life style is way too boring. But this gives yourself a tall strength, confidence, and not to specify better health!

    Who doesn’t want A Perfect Life?
    Remember, “You Can’t Drink Whole Water from the Sea At Once, You Can Do It Slowly And Consistently.”

    You may pick some of our Nutritionist Made Resolutions for 2021 from the following and you can change them to your liking.

    1. Spending Money Is the Only Way to be Happy?
      Spending time with a partner or family, having fun at home, and playing games relieves stress release.
      Take your kid to a park near your home.
      Go for a walk with your partner, sharing good times with people is the best you can spend on!
    2. Listen to Your Body:
      Everything that comes to you is not always inconsequential. Later, don’t be guilty of ignoring things because you are too busy.
      Small things that cause headaches, common cold, cough, belly bloating could be easily curable but, addressing these things to the core is important. Sometimes these are just the hints that our body is singling us as symptoms that can develop into bigger issues that are going to be harder to treat.
    3. Stop Notifications from Online Applications:
      Distracting and putting something that is not in your mind is what Shopping apps, Food Delivery apps does. These make you distract your thoughts and goals. Indulging in something’s once in a while is good, But not often.
      Wasting time and money is not Indulgence” Try restricting it! Stop notification from the phone. You can enjoy your interests at any instant in your phone/ Apps when you want to, but not to anyone’s desire.
    4. Decrease Your Plastic Usage:
      No matter how many times health enthusiasts emphasize on this, Plastic from the container leaches into food. The chances are 50- 60% of chemicals leach into food no difference what the temperature of food whether it is hot or cold, which leads to PCOD, Preston cancer, Ovarian cancer, Breast cancer.
      This may increase 50% chances of severe health problems that mostly lead to cancer in kids if food is given in plastic.
    5. Do you relish every food that you have?
      Have a food track to relish your body, not your senses.
      Eating that extra bit of cake chunk knowing that you are already feeling full or binging on parties. Leads to many health problems in the future.
      Stop eating not because you are hungry, only because you are bored, feeling stressed, or having a break!
      Cooking excess food and stuffing that excess food into your stomach is like “throwing wastage to the dustbin”.

    So why not make 2021 the year you listen to your body and track your health?
    Stay ahead of your future

    Stop worrying about food, genetics. Start a good healthy practice of 2021.
    Why not now?