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Menstrual cup uses


    What is a Menstrual Cup?

    A menstrual cup is a reusable feminine product. It’s a small and flexible bell-shaped cup inserted in the vagina for collecting menstrual blood during a period. These are made up of silicone, rubber and plastic which can be reused. Some of the brands are disposable, after using the menstrual cup a person can throw it. The menstrual cup can be used for 6-12 hours before removing it. Someone with the heavy menstrual flow can remove the cup frequently and reuse it after washing it.

    How can you select a Perfect Menstrual Cup?

    Before using the menstrual cup consult with the gynaecologist. The menstrual cup can be easily found in the stores and in e-commerce platforms. But before purchasing the menstrual cup you should have an idea about the size that you would be using. Mostly these come in two variants i.e. small and large versions.

    To know the right size of the menstrual cup you can consult with your Doctor. They will consider:

      • Your age
      • Length of cervix
      • They will ask about your menstrual flow
      • Flexibility of the cup
      • Cup capacity
      • Strength of pelvic floor muscles

    Mainly, smaller cups are recommended to the women whose age is less than 30years and who didn’t have a normal delivery. Larger sizes are recommended to the women who are beyond 30 years and who have gone for the operational delivery.

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    How to use the Menstrual Cup?

    If you’re already using a tampon it will be easy for you to use a menstrual cup. Follow the steps for using a menstrual cup:

    •  Wash your hand
    • Apply water on the menstrual cup rim
    • Fold the menstrual cup in half and hold it in one hand with the rim facing up
    • Insert the cup in the vagina, the menstrual cup should sit a few inches below the cervix
    • Rotate the cup and it will open to create the airtight seal that stops leaks.

    If you have inserted the menstrual cup correctly you won’t feel uneasy. You can easily move, jump, stand and can do regular activities without the menstrual cup falling out.  If you still face some problem consult your doctor.

    When to remove a menstrual cup?

    Menstrual cup can be worn for 6-12 hours depending on the menstrual flow. The cup can also be used for overnight protection. Remove the menstrual cup at 12 hours of use and rinse it properly. To avoid leakage schedule a proper time and remove the cup.

    How to remove Menstrual Cup?

    Menstrual can be removed by:

    • Before removing it wash your hands properly
    • Place the index finger and thumb finger in the vagina then pull the stem of the cup
    • Pinch on the base for releasing the seal and pull down to remove it
    • Once you remove rinse the cup properly

    Reuse of Menstrual Cup

    If you are using a reusable menstrual cup then wash and wipe the cup before inserting it in the vagina. The menstrual cup should be washed at least twice a day. The reusable cups can last up to 6 to 10 months with proper care. If it’s a disposable cup through it after the removal.

    Advantages of Menstrual Cups

    Some of the major advantages women can get after using a menstrual cup are:

    Affordable:If you’re using reusable menstrual cups then you have to spend very less on these, unlike pads and tampons.

    Safer than tampons: The menstrual cup absorbs more blood than tampons and pad. These can also last long for more time

    More capacity to hold more blood than pads and tampons: These are having more capable of absorbing blood more than pads and tampons. There is a very less chance of getting any kind of vaginal infection.

    Disadvantages of Menstrual Cups

    Messy: Removing menstrual cups can be messy sometimes. A person can face some difficulty while removing the menstrual cups.

    Difficulty while inserting or removing: Sometimes it can be tough for a person to remove or insert the menstrual cups. It can be sometimes hard for pinching the base to pull the cup down.

    Right fit: It is a difficult task for a person for choosing the right fit of menstrual cup. Before choosing the perfect size you have to look into different brands.

    Allergic: Sometimes a person can get an infection because of silicone or rubber material that is used in menstrual cups.

    Vaginal Irritation: The menstrual cup can cause you vaginal irritation if it’s not cleaned properly before and after its use.

    Menstrual cup is a great option for period hygiene. Nowadays women are avoiding the extreme use of pads and tampons. Before using a menstrual cup try reading the instructions that are mentioned in the packaging. Try to be familiar with the product before using it. It may take several attempts for fixing the menstrual cup in the right way. If you want are facing any problem while insert in the menstrual cup in vagina consults with your Doctor for getting the better solution.

    Menstrual Cup Vs Tampons Vs Pads

     Menstrual CupsTamponsPads
    • Preserves healthy bacteria
    • Associated with toxic shock syndrome
    • Affordable
    • Safer than tampons
    • Protect you from leakage
    • Comfortable
    • Better hygiene
    • No smell
    • No visibility
    • Don’t have any risk for toxic substance
    • Can wear overnight
    • Comfortable
    • Comes in different sizes
    • Easy to wear
    Side effects
    • Can get messy sometimes
    • Cause irritation if not used properly
    • Tough to find the right fight
    • Associated toxic substance can cause organ damage
    • Difficult to use
    • Rashes
    • Itching
    • Swelling
    • redness


    • On Average Female Uses 290 Sanitary Pads for 2 years(Costs around 2400/-Rs)
    • But the Cost of Menstrual Cup is 225/- Rs which is reusable and 1 menstrual cup can be used for 6months.
    • Menstrual Cup is an ECO Friendly Product.