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Pan-D Precautions

  • Drinking alcohol while taking Pan-D Capsule PR is not recommended. Please seek medical advice.
  • The use of Pan-D Capsule PR during pregnancy may be hazardous. Although there have been few human studies, animal studies have revealed that it is harmful to a developing baby. Before prescribing it to you, your doctor will weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Please seek medical advice.
  • When breastfeeding, use Pan-D Capsule PR with caution. Breastfeeding should be stopped until the mother's treatment is finished and the drug has been eliminated from her system.
  • Pan-D Capsule PR may cause drowsiness and dizziness, as well as a decrease in alertness and vision. If these symptoms appear, do not drive.
  • In patients with kidney disease, Pan-D Capsule PR should be used with caution. Pan-D Capsule PR dosage may need to be adjusted. Please consult your physician.
  • In patients with liver disease, Pan-D Capsule PR is probably safe to use. Based on the available data, it appears that no dose adjustment of Pan-D Capsule PR is required in these patients. Please consult your physician.


  • Medicines whose activity is dependent on the pH of stomach acid may not function properly when combined with Pan D.
  • Other medications, which are used to treat heart conditions, anti-HIV medications, certain antibiotics, antimalarials, and medications that act on the brain or are used to treat brain-related disorders, should be used with caution.

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Important information:

  • Pan-D Capsule PR has been prescribed for the treatment of acidity and heartburn.
  • Take it one hour before a meal.
  • It is a well-tolerated medication that provides long-term relief.
  • Inform your doctor if you have watery diarrhea, a fever, or persistent stomach pain.
  • Inform your doctor if you do not feel better after 14 days because you may be suffering from another problem that requires attention.
  • Long-term use can result in weak bones and a lack of minerals such as magnesium. Take calcium and magnesium supplements

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