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Bacitracin Dosage

Missed Dose

As soon as you remember it, take the missed dose. If the next dose is near, skip the missed dose and return to the daily dosing schedule. To make up for a missed dose, do not add a second dose.


Never use more than what is prescribed to you. Overdose can cause some serious allergic reactions. Also if you have taken an overdose, seek medical help.


Keep this drug securely closed in the bottle it came in and keep it away from children. It should be kept at room temperature, far from heat and moisture (not in the bathroom). Unused drugs should be disposed of in a specific manner to prevent pets, infants, and others from ingesting them. You should not flush this drug down the toilet.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Before using either product, consult your doctor if your wounds are deeper or more serious than mild bruises, cuts, scrapes, or burns. Bacitracin's antibiotic inhibits bacterial growth, while Neosporin's antibiotics inhibit bacterial growth while still killing established bacteria.

While bacitracin is safe, it is mainly used to treat different bacteria. Two of these ingredients have been related to allergic contact dermatitis in the past.

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