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Ascoril Precautions

Before taking Ascoril talk with your doctor if you are having any allergic to it or any other medications. The product may contain some inactive ingredients which can cause some serious allergic reactions or some other serious problems. Before taking the drug talk with your doctor if you are having any medical history such as Hypersensitivity, Kidney diseases and Liver diseases.

Warnings for some Serious Health Conditions

Kidney Disease - In patients with kidney disease, Ascoril LS Syrup should be used with caution. Ascoril LS Syrup dosage can need to be adjusted. There is no detail on the use of Ascoril LS Syrup in these patients.

Liver Disease - In patients with liver disease, Ascoril syrup Expectorant should be used with caution. Ascoril Plus Expectorant dosage can need to be adjusted. There isn't a lot of data on how Ascoril Plus Expectorant works in these patients.

Pregnancy - It's possible that using Ascoril LS Syrup while pregnant is harmful. Animal studies have shown adverse effects on the developing infant, despite the fact that human studies are small. Before prescribing it to you, the doctor will consider the advantages and disadvantages and if the benefits outweigh the risks then the doctor will prescribe you the medicine.

Breastfeeding - Ascoril should not be used while you are breastfeeding. The medication may pass into the breastmilk and can cause some serious side effects to the newborn infant.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, it is not harmful, it is safe to use. Only some patients might get side effects that are very common and manageable.

Yes, ascoril is good for cough and cold symptoms.

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