Lung Issues Faced Post COVID-19 Recovery

Lung Issues Faced Post COVID-19 Recovery

Defeating the virus could be the start of the battle for COVID-19 patients. People with severe symptoms of the virus could be dealing with complications for years even after the recovery. COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory illness of the lungs which consist of air sacs where the fluid is filled, limiting their capacity to absorb oxygen which ultimately leads to symptoms like shortness of breath, cough etc. Dr A Raghu Kanth, Senior Pulmonologist at Medicover Hospitals shares how COVID-19 impacts the lungs and what the path to recovery looks like.

The most common lung problem faced post-COVID-19 recovery includes lung fibrosis. As there is initial lung damage caused it further leads to scarring of lungs due to which quality of life eventually comes down. That is the inflammation stage gives way to the fibrosis stage. This condition requires the support of home oxygenation even after discharge and recovery. In some cases, lung fibrosis may also affect the cardiac health of an individual causing Cor Pulmonale which occurs as a complication of severe lung disorders. The extent of fibrosis decides the further complications attached. Pulmonary Thrombo Embolism (PTE) is another pulmonary issue which may affect people post-COVID-19 recovery. Its prevalence has increased due to continuous restriction of movement while tackling the virus. It refers to a blockage or clot in the pulmonary artery, which prevents the oxygen from reaching the lungs.

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The methods involved in taking care of these conditions are to administer medications such as Anticoagulant and Antifibrotic drugs along with plus or minus home oxygenation. Anticoagulants usually help in preventing the formation or enlargement of blood clots whereas Antifibrotics reduces the risk of acute respiratory degradation. General preventive measures for patients with pulmonary issues include stocking up medications and supplies for weeks in advance, avoid visiting crowded places and non-essential travel and by staying at home as much as possible. Avoiding smoking, paying attention to immunity levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is mandatory.

Dr A Raghu Kanth, Senior Pulmonologist, explained “Medicover Hospitals has treated such patients who have returned with problems of lung fibrosis post-COVID -19 recovery. Therefore, early interventions and follow-ups are very important to start with medications in order to prevent further progression”

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