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Let Your Kids Enjoy a Healthy Monsoon

    It’s Monsoon! It’s time for the sweet earthy smell and beautiful rainbows. And kids love rains as they can indulge in sailing paper boats, jumping in puddles. They look adorable carrying their cute little umbrellas and wearing colourful raincoats. But, for parents, it’s time to worry about their kid’s health. It’s really difficult to stop kids from going out while raining. This makes them fall ill and leads to viral infections. So, parents need to give extra attention to their kids instead of making them sit at home all the time.

    What are the types of diseases during monsoons?

     Diseases can be prevented when their cause is known. Based on the cause, diseases are categorized into three categories.

    Air-borne diseases:

    When the respiratory drops of an infected person are expelled while sneezing or coughing, the air gets contaminated. As a result, the disease causing germs and viruses transmits through the air and spreads from infected person to another person. Such diseases are known as airborne diseases. Some of the airborne diseases affect during monsoon are cold, flu and viral fevers.

    Mosquito-borne diseases:

    Diseases that are caused by the bacteria, viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes are known mosquito-borne diseases. During monsoons, most of the people are prone to mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue.

    How to Protect Kids during Monsoon?

    Now that we know what causes illness, let’s know how kids can be protected during monsoon.

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    Offer Boiled Water:

    During monsoon, make sure to always offer your kids boiled and purified water. Don’t let them drink beverages that are not made of boiled water. Avoid drinks from outside such as juices, buttermilk etc. Ensure that your child drinks packaged water when outside.

    Feed warm food:

    During monsoons, the digestive process in kids slows down. So it is best to give the kids a healthy balanced diet prepared at home. Make sure the utensils are cleaned properly to avoid food poisoning. Serve moderately hot food and keep the kids hydrated by giving enough water and juices throughout the day. Strictly avoid kids to indulge in street food.

    Wash the vegetables thoroughly:

    Since leafy vegetables are grown close to the ground, their leaves get contaminated by dirt and bacteria. So, be careful while preparing foods with leafy vegetables. Pay extra attention while washing vegetables that tend to contain more pests like cauliflower, cabbage, spinach etc.

    Make a healthy diet:

    Including fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and nuts in child’s diet help build his/her body’s defenses. Offer them fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C & E. If your kid is a fussy eater, include the vegetables in homemade pizzas, pasta, sandwiches or in vegetable soups. If you are offering sprouts to your kids, make sure to steam them first.

    Dress appropriately:

    During monsoons, the temperatures fluctuate. So, dress the kids appropriately according to the temperature outside. Dress them in layers to keep them warm. Pack a raincoat and water proof shoes in the school bag. This can avoid kids from getting wet in the rains. Whenever you are taking your kid outside, don’t forget to carry an umbrella and a rain coat.

    Teach healthy habits:

    Kids stay most of the time in schools, so it is essential to teach kids to follow healthy habits.

    • → Teach kids to use a sanitizer for hand wash. Proper hand washing can prevent and spread of infections
    • → If kids get drenched in the rain, give them a hot bath with a good antiseptic soap to reduce the risk of getting affected with germs
    • → Make sure to keep your kid’s feet dry at all the times by making them a habit of wearing slippers or socks inside the house
    • → During monsoons, the dirt gets accumulated inside the nails which can enter child’s stomach along with the food causing stomach infections. So, trim their nails regularly
    • → Vaccinations can boost child’s immune system and prevent infections. So, keep your child’s vaccinations up-to-date

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