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Do You Recognize The Symptoms of Foodborne Illness?

    Do you suffer from vomiting or fever after having food from restaurants? The restaurant might be unsafe for you. Foodborne illnesses are caused due to contaminated food and beverages. It can lead to food poisoning and paralysis. To treat food borne illness, you should know its symptoms. What are the symptoms? Read on…!!

    Food borne illness is any illness that occurs because of consumption of contaminated food. Food can be contaminated because of bacteria, virus, parasites etc. Unsafe food can cause up to 200 diseases ranging from diarrhea to cancers.

    What are the symptoms?

    People may experience:
    Pain areas: in the abdomen or rectum
    Whole body: chills, dehydration, dizziness, excessive thirst, fever, lethargy, light-headedness, loss of appetite, malaise, weakness, or sweating
    Gastrointestinal: bloating, diarrhea, gagging, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, or stomach cramps
    Also common: headache

    Causes of Food borne Illness

    Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 5 food borne illness risk factors

    • Improper hot and cold holding temperatures
    • Improper cooking temperatures
    • Dirty and/or contaminated utensils and equipment
    • Poor health and personal hygiene
    • Food from unsafe sources

    Unhealthy food can lead to food poisoning. It can lead to paralysis. Hence, go for healthy food and maintain healthy cooking and eating habits.

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