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Top 5 Healthy Tips for a Perfect Day

    How to make a healthy perfect day, from the time you wake up till you go to bed.

    1. Exercise When You Get Up

    Even a couple minutes of exercise in the morning can make a big difference. I know, we just recommended something to do in the morning, and now we’re telling you to do another thing. It’s almost too much. But hear us out: A little exercise in the morning can help you wake up, keep your muscles flexible, improve your mood, and get you ready to face the day in style. And we really mean a little: Just take a couple minutes to give your body a quick challenge. Do a set of push-ups, break out some jumping jacks, run in place for a while, try some lunges – whatever it is, you only need to do it for a little bit, preferably right when you wake up or soon after. Your body will thank you for it!

    2. Choose Healthy Nutrition Early in the Morning

    While breakfast isn’t quite a necessity, it’s a good idea to get some nutrition in the morning. The morning is a challenging time for everyone – there’s always a lot to do and not much time to do it. But a healthy day needs to begin with a little healthy nutrition. A lot of people recommend eating breakfast, thinking that it helps boost your metabolism and gives you plenty of nutrients. However, there’s not much actual evidence that breakfast does anything to help you shed pounds – if you are overeating at lunch you may want to grab some breakfast, but if you don’t have time then don’t feel bad about it. Instead, just try to make sure you choose something healthy beyond a cup of coffee. Switch to green tea, grab a banana, down a protein shake – give your body something to work with.

    3. Get Moving During the Day

    Daily exercise will leave you feeling great and healthy. In addition to some meditation time, a healthy day also needs to include some exercise. Around half an hour of good exercise is sufficient. Of course, not everyone has time to hit the gym and not everyone is ready or able to go for a run. It’s best to find ways in your day to natural incorporate exercise. There are plenty of easy, creative changes you can make. Turn your lunch break into a walking lunch – and see if coworkers will join in. Trade your car for a bike, or find other ways to work in exercise when it comes to your commute.

    4. Do Something for Your Dreams

    Make each day worthwhile by advancing your dreams, even in a small way. A healthy day is about mental health, too. Don’t let any day go past without doing something that will get you closer to your dreams. Work on a hobby, advance an important project, spend extra time with your family, practice a new language or skill, work on a piece of art, take a class or earn a certification. The details are up to you, but think about what your dreams are for life and make sure you move at least a little closer to them each day. This will increase your overall life satisfaction, and your body will thank you for it.

    5. Schedule Enough Sleep

    No healthy day is complete without enough sleep in your life. Sleep is incredibly important for a healthy lifestyle. If your body isn’t getting enough sleep, then you are more likely to be depressed, have a lowered immune system, be more at risk for a heart attack, and a whole mess of other unpleasant problems. Humans simply need around 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day in order to function properly. To make sure you are getting enough sleep, the best idea is to schedule it. Set your own bedtime and alarm to ensure you are getting enough hours. It may be hard at first, but eventually your body will get used to it.

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