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How Vitamin D3 will affect your health?

    Vitamin D3, also the sunshine vitamin, can be produced in the body with mild sun exposure or consumed in foods and supplements.

    Vitamin D3 has multiple roles in the body:

    • Maintain the health of bones and teeth
    • Support the immune system, brain and nervous system
    • Regulate insulin levels and diabetes management
    • Helpful in lung functioning and cardiovascular health
    • Influence the growth of genes involved in cancer development

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    Health benefits of vitamin D3:

    • Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood, which are very important for maintaining healthy bones.
    • Vitamin D3 is helpful for Reduced Risks of Flu
    • Vitamin D3 deficiency in children can cause rickets. In adults, vitamin D deficiency manifests as osteomalacia or osteoporosis.
    • Studies have shown reverse relationship between blood concentrations of vitamin D3 in the body and risk of type 2 diabetes.
    • Vitamin D3 is helpful for the infants to become healthy. Vitamin D3 deficiency has been associated with a higher risk and severity of childhood diseases and allergic diseases, asthma, atopic dermatitis.
    • Pregnant women with vitamin D3 deficiency seem to be at greater risk of developing preeclampsia and needing a cesarean section. Also, this deficiency associated with gestational diabetes mellitus and bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women.
    • Vitamin D3 is beneficial for Cancer Prevention. Vitamin D3 is extremely important for regulating cell growth and for cell-to-cell communication. Vitamin D3 helpful in reduce cancer progression by slowing the growth and development of new blood vessels in cancerous tissue, increasing cancer cell death and by reducing cell proliferation and metastases.

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