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How often should you Bathe a 3 Months Old Baby

How often should you bathe a 3 Months old baby

    Sponge Baths

    This is usually recommended for babies who still haven’t dropped the umbilical stump. Not only is it easier for the baby, mothers also find this method easy to manage, especially with a baby who is still learning to control the fine motor skills.

    Bathing in Bathtubs

    This can be fun for both babies as well as the mother. Some babies enjoy being in the water, and a suitably sized bathtub can allow them to stay warm in the water without risking any accidents – babies have a tendency to get in trouble in seemingly ridiculous ways.

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    Bathing with Bath Seats

    If you don’t want to let your baby sit in the bath water (for hygiene issues or otherwise), bath seats or netted bathers provide the best alternative. These are typically fitted in the shower area, a tub or a sink, and allow you to hold the baby while the water flows over him and drain away.

    Now, it’s entirely up to you how frequently and how you want to bathe your baby – as we said earlier, there is no one right answer – but whatever frequency and method you choose, you must always be careful when giving your baby a bath. Always hold your baby (with at least one hand) as the slippery floor might cause him to fall and injure himself, and never leave him alone in the bath, even if he is in a bath seat.

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