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Medicover Hospitals Visakhapatnam MVP

Medicover Hospitals, Visakhapatnam MVP

Medicover Hospitals, Visakhapatnam has 4 centres located in the centre of the city with 1400-bed facility. Out of which two Multi super-speciality facility that offers the most advanced care for women, pregnant mothers and children. Medicover Hospitals is the best hospital chain in Visakhapatnam, providing professional medical care to many people every month. The number of our patients increases significantly every year. We provide the consultations, operations and diagnostics in safe and comfortable conditions. Patients safety and satisfaction has always been our topmost priority.

Centre Of Excellence

Being the fastest growing multi-speciality chain in India, we offer quality health care with European standards to every individual for simple, complex and even rare conditions among a wide range of specialties with round-the-clock services in a comfortable, patient-centric environment.

All Other Specialties

Key Infrastructure

Medicover Hospitals, Visakhapatnam is backed by high-end technology and infrastructure that matches the best-in- the-class and international standards of care.

➤ 850 beds
➤ 20 High-End OT's
➤ 70 Critical Care beds
➤ 3 Operation theaters with laminar air flow
➤ Flat Panel Cath Labs
➤ HFC / ICU Ventilators
➤ 2D Echo 8,MT
➤ 30 Dialysis Beds
➤ Ultrasound .8 X-Ray
➤ High-end Clinical Laboratory
➤ Rota
➤ Rotablation
➤ 18 ICU, 10 Triage beds
➤ Continues Renal Replacement Therapy
➤ EP Lab with 3D Carto
➤ Ortho Navigation System
➤ MRI 1.5 Tesla
➤ Pneumatic tube system
➤ Neuro Navigation with qusa
➤ 13 Elevators
➤ IVUS machine
➤ Heart lung machine
➤ Neuro Micro scope
➤ 2D echo
➤ CT Scan 128 slice
➤ High-End Cath Lab (Cardiac Interventions)
➤ Mammography
➤ Endosonos
➤ Neuro Microscope with Furmonoscope
➤ MRI, 5 Tesla
➤ Endoscope
➤ IABP machine
➤ C - Arm Machines

Visakhapatnam MVP

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