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Doctor @ Home

Doctor will visit the patient's home for the treatment of illness, general health check-ups, ortho care, geriatric care, acute diseases and chronic conditions. Call doctor @ home and stay assured about your family’s health

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Sample Collection

Medicover Home Healthcare offers the sheer convenience of Home Sample Collection by sending healthcare specialists and technicians to patients' homes to collect samples for the blood tests, Rt-PCR tests or any kind of lab tests.

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Physiotherapy has a wide range of specialities and to enhance your experience with physiotherapy, our physiotherapists personally visit home and treat problems related to a sports injury, knee pain or paediatric care.

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Nurses @ Home

Home nursing care encompasses a wide range of healthcare services. Nursing care includes wound dressing, post-surgical care, oxygen administration, Nebulisation, intravenous therapy, monitoring general health.

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Medicover Home Healthcare

Medicover Hospitals has launched its new service called Home Healthcare Services. Many health care treatments that were once offered only in a hospital or a doctor’s clinic can now be avail at the comfort of your home. Home health care is typically less expensive, more convenient, and effective than treatment received in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. The services that a patient receives at home are limitless. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition the care can range from nursing care to specialized care.

Our Home healthcare services are driven by a passionate team of experts, ensure’s a healthy lifestyle with all specialized care. Home care services include professional support and allow an individual to live safely at home. Medicover Home Healthcare aims to reach out to all the patients at their homes for their healthcare needs. The services can help a person who needs assistance in managing chronic conditions and recovering from medical setbacks.


Amazing Healthcare Services!

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the service we received from Home Healthcare Services but especially for the care, my father received from the personal caregiver.

J. Rakesh

J. Rakesh

Thank you for your great service!

During the lockdown, the service from Home Healthcare was effectively taken care of, and it was ensured that the service did not stop. We are pleased with the service provided.

Lalitha Thakur

Lalitha Thakur

Well-professionalism Service

We felt the desire for the assisting hand to meet our needs in our aging mother. The caregivers and staff exceeded our greatest expectations in terms of affection, professionalism, dependability, and attentiveness.

Jaya Tiwari

Jaya Tiwari

Great Service!

The Caregiver was trustworthy, and most importantly, one of the most compassionate individuals I have ever met. I shall be grateful to him and the Home healthcare service for the rest of my life.

Jouseph Sliba

Jouseph Sliba

Testimonials videos

home health care

Services landed by the staff were commendable and they are extremely compassionate and professional at the work.

health care

Services landed by the staff were commendable and they are extremely compassionate and professional at the work.

health care services

Services landed by the staff were commendable and they are extremely compassionate and professional at the work.


Who’s eligible for Home Health care Services?

Home health care services for those people who require any type of assistance. They may have diabetes, cancer, dementia, or any other type of condition. Or if they require frequent physical treatment and a fresh outlook on health and wellness. Every person is entitled to home health care, whether they have a short-term or long-term health problem.

What services does home health care provide?

Home healthcare services include:

  • 1. Nurses at Home
  • 2. Physiotherapy at Home
  • 3. Sample collection at home
  • 4. Fastest delivery of Medicine
  • 5. Ambulance pickup
Who would benefit from Healthcare?

You or your family member can be benefited from home care if you are:

  • 1. Recently, recovered from illness, surgery or hospitalization
  • 2. An elderly person who needs an additional care
  • 3. Need of physiotherapy treatment
What types of professionals are on the home health care team?

There is a team of doctors, nurses, professional carers, Physiotherapists and volunteers who help with health care services.

How much do home care services cost?

Home care health services are inexpensive and minimal when compared to normal charges and doctor visits. The price is set according to the patient's requirements.

Now at your Door Step

From the comfort of your own home, Medicover Home Healthcare Services provides high-quality, personalized care to patients of all ages. Schedule your appointment now and get the fastest service.

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