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Hold your Hand for 30 Seconds to check you are Healthy or Not

    Just hold your hand for 30 seconds, you can know your current health status without having to go to the hospital for a test!

    Try these experiments below.

    Experiment 1: Hold your hand into a fist for 30 seconds then open it

    Let’s do a test to check your own health: hold your hands together for 30 seconds, then open and observe that the white on your palms will disappear. Immediately or it takes a while.

    hold your hand

    Clenching the hands causes blood vessels under the arms to be squeezed and pressure on the palms of the hands. This tightening action will block the circulatory system, so the palms will become white.

    When the hand turns white, if it restores the original color immediately, it means that your blood vessels are still healthy. However, if they take more than 10 seconds to recover, you should be careful, which can be a sign of arteriosclerosis.

    Experiment 2: Squeeze the roots of the nails, using strong force

    The Five fingers of man are have many pavilions run through it. They have a close relationship with the internal organs, especially if a finger feels painful, which means that the internal organs associated with the meridians are having problems. Feeling pain at each different position on the finger signals the problem in different parts.

    For More Information

    Youngest Finger Pain

    People with pain in the middle finger often suffer from heart or small intestine diseases. The tip of the little finger on the right side of the face with the ring finger (called the ape) is called the Grave Acupressure, the other side is called the grave acupuncture point. Reflexology is closely related to the heart, so when the heart attack comes, use the force of the little finger tip, which can help relieve the pain. When the condition of the small intestine is not healthy, can use the force of pressure on one side of the little finger.

    The Ring Finger Pressure

    People with long index finger are more likely to have a heart attack. When their is pressure on the ring finger pain it can be caused by sore throat symptoms or headaches.  When the person is  effected with flu, fever, you can rub their hands on top position of the finger which helps to reduce the disease.

    Middle Finger pain

    On the middle finger there is a Central Pulse, which correlates to the location that surrounds the pericardium, which at times can not withstand the heat due to the increased temperature, At that point these acupressure will helps to reduces the heat.

    Fingertip (Index Finger)

    Tentacles that contain Oceanic Acid are associated with the colon (large intestine), when constipation occurs, it puts pressure on that area causes the index finger to feel very painful, indicating that you are experiencing constipation.

    Thumb Mark

    The thumbnail on the thumb is closely related to the lungs.

    If you feel very painful when clicking here, then definitely should pay attention, it is possible that some part of the body is correlated with the problem, it is best to go to the hospital examination.

    Even if it is mild, it is also related to the acupuncture point of the thumb, which indicates that the correlation is showing signs of abnormalities. At this point, it should be pressed carefully at that position on the thumb, which will help to improve the disease quickly.

    In normal life, we can also use these methods to check our health condition. It’s really very effective.

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