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Heart on Right Side

    Rare Heart Surgery – Saved A Middle Aged Woman

    Hyderabad, 26th April 2018: Team of doctors at Medicover hospitals successfully performed a rare complex cardiac surgery and gave a new lease of life to a middle-aged woman. 37-year-old Mrs. Latha (name changed) came to the hospital complaining of palpitation and breathlessness. While the complaints existed for some time, it started aggravating of late.

    She was evaluated by Dr. Pramod Reddy and his team. Investigations such as ECG, chest X-ray, and Echocardiogram were carried out. The findings suggested that she has a heart on the right side (Dextrocardia), complex heart disease (congenitally corrected transposition of great arteries) with two Valve leaks (Tricuspid Valve Stenosis with regurgitation, Mitral valve regurgitation).

    heart on right side illustration

    Speaking at the press conference, Dr. Pramod Reddy, Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Maxcure Hospital, said, “This is a very rare case. The patient has a heart on the right side. Also, she had a complex heart disease which is <1% of all congenital heart diseases. Out of which only 20%of them have a heart on the right side. We managed to correct it with a surgery in which one valve is replaced and other is repaired. As the anatomy and orientation are complex, her operation is performed by flipping the heart on the left side. She was discharged in 5 days and she is very healthy now.”

    heart on right side

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    Mrs. Latha (Name changed), said, “I was terrified when I got to know that my heart is on the right side. On top of it, I had congenital heart disease. Thanks to the doctors here I am back to normal and was back to the home in 5 days.”


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