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A Healthy Lifestyle After A Hysterectomy

    For women who had a hysterectomy, a healthy lifestyle is no longer an option – it is a necessity. As with any surgery, a woman’s goal after undergoing a hysterectomy should be to rebuild the strength so that her body can heal. The process to get back to an active lifestyle should be in a progressive way.

    A woman is always suggested to start a healthy lifestyle before her hysterectomy. This helps her in a faster recovery and reduces the risk of issues that are usually seen post surgery such as weight gain, sleeping disorders and irritability that occur due to hormonal changes. By following a healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, exercise and stress reduction techniques, one can offset the downside of a hysterectomy.

    Lifestyle Changes to Make After A Hysterectomy:

    Making positive changes in the lifestyle can help to keep weight in control, sleep well and protect from other diseases that would result after a hysterectomy. Here are some tips for a woman to lead a healthy lifestyle after having a hysterectomy.


    • Have colourful foods: Opt for fresh and colourful foods that are high in phytonutrient content. Being natural plant compounds, phytonutrients help to boost immunity and prevent a range of chronic diseases like cancer. Include fruits and vegetables of vibrant colours like red, orange, yellow and green. These are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants and fiber which should be mandatory in the diet.
    • Get enough fiber: A common side effect of hysterectomy is constipation. Women are often suggested medications, but having foods that are rich in fiber will ease the difficulty with bowel movements. Foods that are high in fiber include whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, cereals, barley, pears, leafy green vegetables and avocado.
    • Get healthy protein and fat: Getting the right protein after surgery is very important to rebuild the lost protein. Opt for lean proteins such as skinless chicken and reduced fat dairy products like plain yogurt. In vegetarian, choose legumes which also supplies required fiber. Avoid trans and saturated fats like butter, margarine, fried foods and sweets. Use olive oil, peanut oil, nuts that are good sources of healthy fats.
    • Drink plenty of fluids: High fiber intake can lead to gas and bloating, so make sure to get plenty of fluids as you increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Have at least 8 cups of fluids daily. Fresh fruit juices can be taken occasionally.
    • Meet your calcium requirement: Daily a 1200mg of calcium along with vitamin D is essential for bone health. Ask for calcium supplements to the doctor and have low-fat dairy. Include yogurt, orange juice, broccoli and legumes that are good sources of calcium. Get a bone density scan to keep track of bone health.

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    Stress Management:

    • Learn to relax: It is essential to get one’s priorities clear to achieve a well-balanced life. Drop unnecessary activities from your priority list. This can give you more time for things that matter you more. Find the things which can provide you relaxation such as listening to music, deep breathing etc.
    • Get enough rest and sleep: Sleep helps our body to recover from the day’s stress. So, make sure to get eight hours of undisturbed sleep.
    • Find time to enjoy: Make time for fun and relaxation. Meditate every morning or practice yoga or start your old hobbies which can relax you. This can help you to stay active and healthy.


    Women who are physically fit and active before a hysterectomy will likely have an easier recovery and can be able to return to regular physical activities sooner. But the fitness timetable varies from woman to woman. If a woman wants to get physically active for fitness after a hysterectomy, it depends on her condition. A woman can start exercising only a few weeks after a hysterectomy. And the intensity of workouts will be suggested by her doctor based on the patient’s condition.

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