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Health Tips For Women

Health Tips For Women
    Most of the people say that women are strong, which is obviously true. But it’s not easy for women to maintain a proper lifestyle with their hectic work life, which includes both professional and personal life. A woman has to deal with everyday’s stress which ends up affecting both emotional and physical wellbeing.

    So, it’s very important for women to build a healthy lifestyle by changing some of their daily habits. Ladies start following a healthy diet for good and glowing ageing.

    Nutrients need for Women

    Sometimes trying to balance both family and professional life can be tough. But following the right diet will play a great role in different stages of your life. The food or drinks that you select for everyday consumption will leave a great impact on the long run.

    Both men and women are different from others same way there is a difference between their nutrition’s also. Women can take low calories as compared to men but the requirement for vitamin and minerals are much higher than the men. If women go through menstruation or pregnancy then there is a high risk of getting anaemia. In this case, a woman should take a higher intake of nutrition which includes iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

    Teenage (9-18 yrs):- Girls need to have more calcium and vitamin D to make their bones strong. They need 1300 mg of calcium and 600 IUs of vitamin D every day.

    Adults:- Women need more calories more than their teenage for supporting and developing bodies. When a woman reaches 25 years of age, slowly their metabolism goes down. For maintaining a healthy diet they need to reduce the calories and start engaging themselves in physical activity.

    Pregnancy:- When a woman is pregnant their body requires enough amounts of protein, calcium, iron, and folic acid which will help their baby in development.

    Breastfeeding:- Women should drink at least 12-13 glasses of water and should eat a proper and healthy diet.

    Benefits of healthy foods:

    • Body will get both mental and physical energy.
    • Body gets essential vitamins.
    • A healthy weight will be maintained.
    • Lower the risk of diseases.

    List of healthy nutrition for women’s health:

    Calcium-Helps in building healthy bones and teeth
    -Regulate Heart Rhythm
    -Proper functioning of nervous systems
    -Sleeping disorders
    Iron-Helps in creating haemoglobin
    -Maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
    -High risk of anaemia
    -Fortified cereals
    -Legumes and Nuts
    -Green vegetables
    Zinc-Mental development in the body
    -Improves immunity power
    -Whole grains
    Iodine-Helps in the development of the baby
    -Reduce the risk of goitres
    -Dry skin
    -Weight gain
    -Iodized salt
    Vitamin C-Helps in gum, tooth and bone formation -Damaged skin
    -Painful and swollen joints
    -Red capsicum

    For More Information

    Healthy Tips for Women

    Eat a healthy diet

    Women should follow a proper and healthy diet for avoiding any serious health issues. They should add different fruits, vegetables and processed foods in their diet. Try having whole grains and foods with high fiber. Depending on your age add low-fat dry products in the diet to avoid the risk of osteoporosis.

    Eating healthy food will help you in maintaining proper height and weight. Overweight will cause many diseases. If you’re looking for a healthy snack try having carrots, broccoli, cucumber and low-fat yogurt.


    Try to do exercise every day at least for 30 minutes. Do aerobic exercises like walking, jumping, jogging and dancing for healthy health and weight. Mainly, this will help in building your heart stronger. Exercise will help in boosting your health and will make your bone and muscle healthier.

    Avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol

    A woman who is having the habit of smoking should quit smoking. Avoid the consumption of drugs. Also, if they want to have a better and healthy life than stop drinking alcohol.

    Manage Stress

    Irrespective of any age a woman wears the crown of stress and pressure. Take a few minutes from your busy schedule and relax for some time. To manage your stress eventually start doing exercise and meditation.

    Excessive stress will lead in:

    • High blood pressure
    • Stomach cramp
    • Back pain
    • Sleeping disorders
    • Abnormal weight gain

    Regular checkup

    Women are having a high risk of getting various diseases. Mainly, there is a high risk of getting breast cancer. Women who are 40 should yearly go for a mammogram which is the most effective way of detecting cancer at an early stage.

    Healthy Aging

    When a woman is getting older, she will get inevitable aches and pains. Mainly, healthy ageing depends on a healthy lifestyle. For keeping yourself healthy take an adequate diet, stay active, do regular exercises, and go for regular health screening.

    Health Risks

    Some of the health issues are common in both men and women. There are some diseases which are common in women and impact them directly. This includes:


    Women faces strokes more than men. The risk factors of stroke can include high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

    Urinary Tract Disease

    Women are having a small urethra which will help bacteria travel a small distance in reaching the bladder and causing infection. UTIs include infections and inconsistency which is common in women.


    Women have a high chance of suffering from depression. Depression can lead to abnormal weight gain and can cause some serious diseases.

    Prevent Risks

    • Avoid the smoking and consumption of alcohol.
    • Maintain proper health
    • Follow a proper diet
    • Drink enough water
    • Do regular exercise and meditations.

    When to visit a Doctor?

    Visit a gynaecologist for regular screening and checkups. Also do a breast exam i.e., mammogram which will help in detecting cancer virus. If you get any kind of health risks, seek medical attention immediately.