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Habits That Will Surely Spoil Your Dental Health

Habits that surely spoil your Dental Health

    It’s common to think that smoking, sugary treats, and careless dental hygiene can have a negative impact on one’s oral health. And it is also common to think that brushing teeth twice a day can keep all the dental problems away. But, it will be shocking for many of us to know that there are even other things which can affect oral health and beauty of the smile as well.

    Here are some everyday habits that have a negative impact on our dental health which many of us doesn’t pay attention to:

    Grinding Teeth

    Many people grind or clench their teeth during sleep or when they are under stress. Though these habits don’t cause any pain or discomfort, they can lead to long-term damage. Teeth grinding is usually seen in people suffering from sleep apnea and is difficult to control. In the absence of sleep apnea, it is better to investigate the possible causes to get the right treatment. Teeth grinding or clenching may seem simple, but they may lead to broken, chipped or fractured teeth and requires fitting of crowns or even teeth replacements.

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    Thumb Sucking

    Thumb sucking is one of the most common habits seen in many children. It is often ignored by parents thinking that kids can overcome the habit as they grow. But, in some children, thumb sucking can be seen even when they are old enough to stop it. It may not create any problem when children are younger but if they still suck their thumb at the time of getting their permanent teeth can cause permanent changes to teeth and jaw structure as well. Thumb sucking often causes serious tooth misalignments and can lead to problems while chewing and speaking.

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    Chewing Ice Cubes

    This habit is usually seen in dieters to beat their hunger pangs as ice cubes are calorie and sugar-free. But, biting or chewing on ice regularly can cause teeth to chip or crack and requires to get a filling or a crown to correct the flaws. [ You Might Like to read: Tooth Color Change ]

    Improper Brushing

    When it comes to brushing, the way of brushing also matters. It is not just how many times but how you brush your teeth is also important. Improper brushing can refer brushing too hard or be using a hard-bristled brush. This can result in enamel erosion which exposes the roots of the teeth and irritate the gums. This gradually leads to tooth sensitivity.

    Picking Teeth with Wrong Materials

    It is common to get food stuck between the teeth after a meal. And it may not be possible to floss every time. So, people often use other things that can serve as a replacement such as paper clips and cards. This habit gives a chance for germs to enter the mouth and causes tooth and gum diseases.

    Using Teeth to Open Stuff

    For many people it is much easier to open plastic packages, bottle caps with their teeth rather reach scissors and openers. But this habit of using teeth as tools can cause them to crack or chip. Though it may seem convenient to do so, it is better to understand that teeth are only meant for eating but not to use them in other ways.

    Binge Eating and Unhealthy Snacking

    Binge eating usually involves excessive amounts of sugary treats and starchy foods. These foods can lead to tooth decay. Consuming carbonated drinks like sodas and also affects the enamel of the teeth. The germs present in plaque convert the starch present in foods to acids which result in enamel erosion and leads to tooth sensitivity. Acids also make teeth brittle, weak and also causes bad breath.

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