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Faq’s For Chemical Peel Treatment

    1. What is Chemical Peel?

    Chemical peel is a simple and safe office procedure done by a dermatologist for the treatment of acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

    2. Why do we use chemical peel?

      • To treat oily skin, pimples and scars.
      • To improve the skin tone, color and texture.
      • Reduce freckles, blotchy pigmentation.
      • Reduces fine line and wrinkles.

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    3. How is a Chemical Peel Performed?

    • Chemical peel is a lunch time procedure which permits the patient to go back to work immediately after the procedure.
    • Type of chemical peel (superficial, medium, deep) is chosen depending on the type of skin and the skin problem.

    Steps involved in Chemical Peel:

    1. Clean the skin with an appropriate cleanser that removes excess oil, make-up.
    2. Application of the peel using a special brush to the desired area using one or more chemical peels.
    3. To rinse off the peel within few minutes of application or leaving it for few hours depends on the type of chemical peel used.
    • During the procedure most patients feel warm, stinging sensation that may last for 2-3 minutes.

    4. What to Expect After the Treatment?

    The superficial peels usually do not show any visible alterations immediately after the peel. There may be redness followed by scaling lasting for 3-5 days which usually subsides without scarring. Medium and deep peels may cause crusting and peel off over a period of 7-15 days.

    5. Are there any side-effects?

    There is a low risk of hyper pigmentation and scarring which can be treated with good results.

    6. How Many Sittings are Required?

    • Multiple sessions are required to achieve an acceptable cosmetic result.
    • Results are not permanent and maintenance peels are often required.