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FRCEM Intermediate SAQ – SEPTEMBER 2020

17/5/2020 Anaesthetic competencies; including pharmacology of each anaesthetic agent; Pain management
24/5/2020 Interpretation of ABG; MV settings (in head injury, ARDS); safe use of vasoactive agents; dyselectrolemias
31/5/2020 Fever; Septic patient; Fluid challenge in unwell patients; fluid of choice; ET and TT displacement and management; DOPES
07/6/2020 Major trauma- chest; abdomen; spine; burns; Cardiac arrest in different scenarios
14/6/2020 Major trauma- upper limb and lower limb injuries, head injury; wound assessment and management
21/6/2020 Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy; obstetric emergencies; pelvic pain Opthalmology; ENT.
28/6/2020 Clinical presentations- major, core and acute- Shock; Anaphylaxis; Unconscious patient; Abdominal pain including loin pain; Abdominal swelling, mass & constipation
05/7/2020 Clinical presentations- major, core and acute- Acute back pain; black out and collapse; Breathlessness; Chest pain; Confusion, delirium; Cough; Cyanosis- central and peripheral; palpitations
12/7/2020 Paediatric presentations- Major trauma; including limb injuries; unconscious child; Abdominal pain; ALTE;
19/7/2020 Clinical presentations- major, core and acute- dizziness; vertigo- central & peripheral; seizures; Headache; Neck pain; Syncope, pre syncope; Weakness & paralysis
26/7/2020 Paediatric presentations- rash in children; GI bleeding; Neonatal presentations; Apnoea; stridor; airway obstruction
02/8/2020 Paediatric presentations- Atraumatic painful limbs; fever in children; abdominal pain in children
09/8/2020 Clinical presentations- major, core and acute- Diarrhoea; Vomiting; Nausea; Jaundice; Haematemisis & malaena; oliguric patient; Rash
16/8/2020 Practical procedures- arterial cannulation; peripheral and central venous cannulation; lumbar puncture; pleural aspiration; ICD placement- open, seldinger; ascitic tap and abdominal paracentesis
23/8/2020 Practical procedures- airway protection; DC cardioversion; Temporary pacing; reduction of fracture, joint; large joint examination; lumbar puncture
30/8/2020 Common competencies; mental health; Sore throat
Poisoning throughout the schedule
03/9/2020 MOCK 1
06/9/2020 MOCK 2
10/9/2020 MOCK 3
14/9/2020 MOCK 4

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