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Effects of Junk Food

Effects of junk food

    Are you addicted to junk food?

    Here’s what you need to know.

    In the present era Junk food has gone global. Junk food is available everywhere we go. We know that Junk food is bad for health but still we can’t resist.

    If you want to reduce the risk of your health issues then take a pledge to stop eating junk food.

    Facts about Fast Food

    • It’s low in fiber.
    • It’s high in palatability
    • It offers a high number of calories
    • It’s high in fat.
    • It’s high in sugar in liquid form.

    Facts of Eating Junk Foods

    • It can cause memory and learning problems
    • It can cause type 2 diabetes
    • It can trigger digestive problems
    • It causes fatigue and weakness
    • Causes depression among teenagers
    • It causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels
    • It affects the brain function
    • It increases the risk of heart disease
    • It can cause kidney disease
    • It can damage your liver
    • It increases your risk of cancer
    • It impacts your fertility

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    Taking the ‘Junk’ out of Junk Food

    As you’ve got the facts about junk food, now try to eat more healthy food and if you want to try outside food, here are the best choices

    • Eat more fresh sandwiches when you are outside
    • Enjoy fresh fruit juices instead of soda or cold drink
    • Eat vegetable wraps
    • Drink buttermilk or Lassi
    • Seafood is always good for health when consumed in limited quantity

    To maintain good health always prefer home food and say no to junk food

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