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Does Iron Deficiency Make Your Child Anaemic?

    Most of the parents won’t care much about the blood unless they notice pale skin or pale lining of eyelids in their kids. But it is really important to get the children screened for regular blood tests which help to find any abnormalities at an early stage.

    As blood is the most important fluid in our bodies, abnormalities in blood may lead to serious illness in children which affects their growth and development. But for now, let us know about a common health issue in children which is related to blood, known as “Anaemia”.

    Anaemia is a health issue which results due to the lack of healthy red blood cells in our blood. The main function of these cells is to carry oxygen to the tissues all through the body and carrying away the metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide. Red blood cells are produced inside the bones, in the bone marrow. The iron in our diet helps to make the red blood cells and the lack of iron lead to anaemia, which is termed as “Iron deficiency anaemia” in medical.

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    As the name suggests, iron deficiency anaemia is caused due to the low iron level. Our body gets iron from the diet and the iron from old red blood cells is also reused. Children who don’t get enough iron from their diet are at higher risk to suffer from anaemia.

    The common symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia seen in children are listed below:
    • → Pale skin, especially palms, nails and lining of eyelids.
    • → Poor appetite
    • → Tiredness and weakness
    • → Become short of breath
    • → Irritability
    • → Sore tongue
    • → Brittle nails
    Taking healthy diet is the most important way to prevent and treat iron deficiency. Including iron rich foods in children’s diet may help them to recover from anaemia. A list of foods which are a good source of iron is mentioned below:
    • → Fortified breakfast cereals
    • → Eggs
    • → Dark green leafy vegetables
    • → Apricots
    • → Raisins
    • → Prunes
    • → Peanut butter
    • → Oatmeal

    If your child is suffering from anaemia even after having a healthy diet, he / she might be prescribed for iron supplements by a pediatrician. It is suggested not to give your child iron supplements on your own without doctor’s advice. Always remember that the sufficient amount of iron is good for overall health and growth of the child, but too much of iron can cause poisoning.