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Dr Kamal Kiran

Dr Kamal Kiran

   MD, DNB (Nephro)

   Director, Dept. of Nephrology

   Experience: 15 years


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A kidney transplant is an operative procedure that replaces a damaged kidney with a healthy donor kidney. At Medicover hospitals, we have the best kidney specialists in Hyderabad. We have cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure and diagnostic facilities to provide vital kidney transplant care to patients of all ages.

Medicover Hospital is considered one of the top kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad. Our kidney specialists are dedicated to providing extensive care and support to kidney patients with their treatment procedures.

Our highly qualified and experienced kidney specialists and paramedical staff in the hospital are available 24*7 to take care of all your health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long does a kidney transplant take?

The kidney transplant procedure usually takes around three to four hours to get over.

2. Is kidney transplant a major surgery?

Yes, kidney transplant is a major surgical procedure.

3. Is kidney transplant operation painful?

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. There can be soreness or pain surrounding the incision site during the recovery process.

4. How long does it take to heal from a kidney transplant surgery?

Many kidney transplant recipients can resume their normal activities within eight weeks.

5. What are the side effects of kidney transplants operation?

Side effects of kidney transplants can be an increased risk of diabetes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, hair loss, swollen gums, high blood pressure, and weight gain.