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Dengue Fever In Children

    Dengue Fever in Children

    Medicover Women and Child Centre is the unique children care centre in providing child safety and first aid sessions for the parents and caretakers of children. On 22nd October 2016, Medicover Women and Child has conducted a parent empowerment workshop “Dengue Fever in Children”. This session was presented by Dr. Sachin Daharwal, Pediatric Intensivist at Medicover Women and Child. The workshop was designed for parents by the team of experts in pediatric emergency and intensive care with emphasis on

    Medicover Women and Child Dengue Fever 1
    • • Causes of dengue
    • • Symptoms of dengue fever
    • • Different parameters which are monitored in people attacked by dengue fever
    • • Tests by which dengue can be diagnosed
    • • Degree of illness and treatment for dengue

    We are proud to announce that parents educated and trained during these sessions would be totally transformed and confident in handling these panicky scenes until they reach the medical facility. At Medicover Women and Child Centre, our team is determined and dedicated to take field of child healthcare to the highest level with the active participation of the parents and the caregivers.

    Medicover Women and Child Dengue Fever